Sunday, May 31, 2020

Changing With The Times


During my 41 years working in the Media, the majority of the work I’ve done is in Sports. I’ve covered four Super Bowl Games in addition to being at many championship contests.

I’ve also written about Muhammad Ali, Tom Lasorda, Sugar Ray Leonard, former Detroit Tigers Hall of Fame Broadcaster Ernie Harwell along with many others.

My writing mentor is Tony DeMarco, while George Eichorn and I have done lots of projects on and off the air.

In the past two years, I’ve had the great pleasure of being introduced to Internet Radio with Peter Wein. I’ve seen the numerous shows he’s had on the as he possesses tremendous versatility to choose from.

In the past year, Wein’s wife Harriett passed away and he suffered a major stroke for which he’s still recovering from.

My career in the Media has given me the opportunity to work in both print and broadcasting.

Thanks to Jeff Adelman, who is a personal injury attorney that is in my Coral Springs Regional Chamber of Commerce Referral Group, with Wein’s departure, he introduced me to Podcasting.

It’s been quite a transition from my old radio days. Many years ago, all I had to do was line-up the guests, prepare the content and we had lots of call ins.

There is another individual that has helped me get through this learning curve! I met Rudy Reyes on LinkedIn and he’s guided me with equipment. He’s taught me a lot about Social Media.

Rudy and I have a show on the World Sports And News (WSAN) Network.

We have seven different shows on WSAN Network.

The main ones include The Sports Exchange, 108 Stitches...Baseball Talk, The South Florida Tribune Podcast and the newest one is ‘No Limits’.

While all of our main programming has focused on Sports, things are drastically changing.

The South Florida Tribune Podcast is designed for our local market. We’ve made great progress developing it the past few weeks.

Before my wife and I left town for Memorial Day, we needed a strong national show.

With the help of my wife, two other guests which include Jacksonville Jaguars writer David Levin and former MLB pitcher Mark Littell, ‘No Limits’ was born.

In life, we have to adapt to it’s numerous changes.

The South Florida Tribune Podcast and No Limits will serve that purpose.

I will no longer be just a sports guy. I’ll be multi dimensional. We’ll have versatility on the local and national levels.

No Limits will live up to it’s name!

While we don’t talk about politics or religion on the South Florida Tribune and we won’t on the air, there will be no shortage of guests on these broadcasts!

The business model will be greatly enhanced because of the versatility.

There will be more ways to get involved as we create a Media Package.

First things first as this versatility will create more followers.

I’m excited about the direction, but there is a lot more work to do during these changing times. I’m very thankful for the people that have helped us grow and kudos to Rick Curti, Ron Renzy, David Levin, George Eichorn, and Mel Farr Jr. as they continue to help us on this growing journey.

The bottom line is that if we don’t accept todays changes then we’ll simply let the times pass us by. In other words, we’ll miss the bus.

That’s not going to happen with us.

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