Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Auto Racing VS NFL Football


How many of these NASCAR drivers were alive when I went to McIntyre Elementary School in 1975? I doubt very many.

I've never been more amazed at a Social Network site as I have been with Facebook because it has indeed allowed me to track many old friends, baseball buddy's and reflect on those formative days in grade school. Indeed time flies especially when these people and I were adding each other to our friend's list. Seeing what profession they landed in, whose married and who relocated out of Michigan has made the process that much more incredible. I won't get into the ladies that I had a crush on in those days because that will be for another day.

Nevertheless, during a recent blog, I voiced my displeasure about NASCAR having its Super Bowl as it's opening race.

As for other subjects, if I had the choice to win the Indianapolis 500 or Daytona 500, that would be a no-brainer and I would drink the Milk at Indy. As we've seen so far, young Danica Patrick is getting humbled now by the learning curve of NASCAR but in the end by racing in this circuit, the challenge of competing with the best drivers will keep her interested for a long time. As for what sport is more demanding, I'd give the slight edge to the NFL because of the physical toll the sport takes on a player. But believe me, this is a slight edge because the drivers could be killed with one slight mishap. Finally, while it would be too easy to predict Jimmy Johnson to win his fifth straight championship, I'll step out of the box and add Tony Stewart & Jeff Gordon to the discussion. They're past champions that simply know how to race.

When I attended McIntyre Elementary School, it had a Green Roof. Now it's Tan. But I recently caught up with Matt Maylen thanks to Facebook after the Super Bowl and he also had thoughts about NASCAR & the NFL.

1) What are your thoughts of NASCAR Holding it's Super Bowl the first week of the season?

I think that the Daytona 500 is so special because everyone is tied with zero points. Unlike most team sports, in NASCAR, 43 teams square off each week against each other, not just two. The race teams have worked hard all winter and expectations are high for each one of them. By the time the last race of the season comes around, the championship has often been decided.

2 )If you had the choice to win at Indianapolis or Daytona Beach, which checkered flag would mean more?

I'm quite certain that if you asked that question to any driver in the sport, the answer would be Daytona without a doubt.

3) How well do you think Danica Patrick will do during her 13 races in NASCAR and eventually if she joins the circuit full-time?

As is the case with most rookie drivers, I think she just needs to log in as many laps as she can, gain some experience and keep expectations realistic. From what I've gathered so far, she seems to know her way around a race car pretty well. Getting around some of the Cup circuit tracks may prove to be a different story altogether. She has some great sponsorship in and scoring a top ten or two could certainly help her land a full time ride in 2011. All and all, I think she could be a good thing for a sport that has been slumping for the past 2 or 3 years.

4) What sport is more demanding, the NFL or NASCAR?

With training camp, the pre-season and a grueling 16 game schedule, I think the NFL is by far more physically demanding. Having said that, I think that NASCAR is more mentally demanding. I've driven these cars, it's not easy, there are no time outs, no half time breaks and no play clock . When they take the Green Flag, they must focus 100 % on the task at hand, and that can be very demanding .

5) Finally, who do you think will win the NASCAR Points Championship in November? Give me your top two drivers.

With four championships in a row, it's kind of hard not to bet on the 48 car (Jimmy Johnson) . I just don't see him doing it this year though. Tony Stewart did quite well in his first season as owner/driver in 2009, but again, not the man this year either. I feel that the No. 24 car of Jeff Gordon is hungry and has a great shot at the cup this year as does Kurt Busch in the Roger Penske owned No. 2 Miller Light Dodge.
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