Thursday, February 28, 2019

Profile, Mel Farr Jr.


On tonight's edition of the Sports Exchange, we welcome back Mel Farr Jr.

Farr is a former running back for the LA Rams from 1989-1990.

He also played for the Denver Broncos in 1988.

His father Mel Farr Sr. was a running back for the Detroit Lions in the 1970's.

After Farr Jr. retired from football, he worked with his dad in the car business.

He's been a tremendous asset to the Sports Exchange by coming on the program multiple times.

Tonight, Mel will be promoting http//

I encourage you to read up on this to understand what this event is about that will take place on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

We also have a press release on The South Florida Tribune that you can read as well.

I've interviewed thousands of prominent figures over my 40 years in the industry, and try to do my very best to begin and nurture those relationships.

While it would be neat to bring many of our guests on the show on more than one occasion, unfortunately it doesn't work out that way which is fine because we're grateful of the time these individuals give us.

Then there are others like Mel, who are very kind and generous with their time, that are readily available, even on short notice.

Potential sponsors enjoy interacting with him as well.

Mel is definitely involved with his kids lives, and resides in The Metropolitan Atlanta Area.

It will be neat when I return to Atlanta, GA., which is conveniently off I-75, to have the chance to finally meet him in our travels back and forth to Detroit.

I have some other good friends in the Atlanta Area, and it would be nice for those people to meet Mel as well, and who knows, they too can become friends.

But there is nothing better then to get to know an individual then finally meet that person.

On tonight's show alongside of my co-host Peter Wein, our guests will include Jack Stern and Rick Curti.

In the studio Rick Tobin will be talking with Mel during our second hour.

Tobin will be in the studio for the entire broadcast.

So join us tonight at 5 ET on the in what figures to be an excellent group of people that are not only here to entertain, but to inform you on the latest in sports, but the causes they promote and the businesses they represent.

We continue to look forward to Mel participating in future shows and enjoy his desire to help the Sports Exchange become a nice show to listen to, in addition to becoming a part of The South Florida Tribune for years to come.

When the time comes, and there are other shows, you can rest assured that Mel will be invited to be on those programs.

I'm very proud to call Mel a colleague, in addition to becoming a great friend!

Thanks to LinkedIn, which is a valuable tool for professionals to promote their businesses, you can meet class acts like Mel Farr Jr!

Scott Morganroth can be reached at and is a member of Detroit Sports Media.

He is a Co-Host of the Sports Exchange on the as well as the Founder/CEO of The South Florida Tribune.

Here is the link below.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Final Takes On Super Bowl LIII


As Atlanta, GA. goes back to normal and their tourists depart from The Super Bowl, I want to take the time to write a brief story on what turned out to be the lowest scoring game in the history of this mega contest.

Here are some key things that stood out during the past week.

* During the Super Bowl Icons Story, I want to make a correction on Jerry Green's age. The majority of the facts on the internet are accurate.

I found out from my colleagues back in Detroit, Green's age is 90, not 89.

Nevertheless, it's still impressive that he's covered all 53 games and I hope he covers many more.

It's my responsibility to get these facts correct otherwise own it and that's what I'm doing.

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to recognize a legendary colleague and a truly great friend!

With all of the history Jerry has witnessed over the years, now he can say he's watched the lowest game in Super Bowl history as the New England Patriots topped the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.

QB Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick guided the Patriots to their sixth title in franchise history. Congratulations to the New England Patriots and kudos to Jerry Green.

* Wide receiver Josh Gordon now has a championship ring and there are reports that he could be reinstated during the off-season. I believe that with all the suspensions he's received under the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy he should be permanently banned from the league.

But, Josh is with the right team and if any organization can rehabilitate him, it's New England. He's a talented player in his prime and there is no better QB that he can flourish with than Brady. I do have a heart for the kid, so it's hard to not root for him.

* On Tuesday's Edition of the Sports Exchange, I tried so hard to get Mel Farr Jr. to go out on the limb to give us a score. He didn't and said he was rooting for Brady because it's hard to root against greatness.

Mel did give us an over/under and it was 45.

I thought about him during the game as he must have known something that all of us didn't.

Kudos to you Mel, who is in the photo.

* In the past few years, I've worked diligently to stay away from watching the hype for all the Super Bowl coverage because I don't care for too much conversation for just "A Football Game."

Before I got sick with diabetes, I used to fast on Yum Kippur because it was something I was committed to and it was the right thing to do.

During the week, I attended to my business with the Sports Exchange, networking to find sponsors for the program and trying to recruit writers for the South Florida Tribune, in addition to writing content.

The weekend saw me watch the Detroit Red Wings defeat the Ottawa Senators 2-0 along with watching crime shows with my wife Candy. I even watched reruns of Gilligan's Island.

* This is probably been mentioned often but the New England Area gets the best of Los Angeles for the second time within six months.

The Boston Red Sox defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series and now the Patriots topped the Rams last night. In light of history, it's time for another Boston/New England Tea Party.

So what's ahead in sports?

There will be no drop off with football as the Alliance of American Football kicks off this week. There are a lot of big NFL names that are backing this league.

Games will be televised on the NFL Network and CBS Sports Networks. The league will play games into April and is basically a developmental league for the NFL. I'll talk more about this in the coming months.

I'm looking forward to covering another Red Wings Game in Sunrise, FL, The NHRA Gatornationals in March as well as Spring Training here in the Grapefruit League.

I'll announce more assignments as the year progresses.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at

He's a member of Detroit Sports Media.

He's the Founder of The South Florida Tribune and co-hosts the Sports Exchange on with Peter Wein on Tuesday's and Thursdays from 5-7 pm ET.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Tribune Profile, Coach Mike Jarvis


I've met a lot of coaches in Sports Media throughout the years.

There are some that I've maintained good friendships with.

Those include former FAU Coaches Howard Schnellenberger (Football), Kevin Cooney (Baseball), and Mike Jarvis (Men's Basketball).

Another coach that has been a big help is former University of South Florida Head Baseball Coach Eddie Cardieri.

The only situations I believe in are win-win.

If these guests come on the Sports Exchange at least once or possibly more and they're selling a book, I will promote them with my various media platforms.

The Tribune profile goes beyond selling a book. We can talk about what they're doing now and promote that or any cause they wish.

That's now the case with Coach Jarvis.

I once met Jarvis at the Festival Flea Market in Pompano Beach, FL.

In 2008, we would finally get a chance to work together as I covered the FAU Owls Men's Basketball Team for the Deerfield Beach Observer.

I've been friends with Jarvis for around 12 years.

When he appeared on the Sports Exchange, he provided answers to the simpler and tough questions.

He just released a book called "The Seven C's Of Leadership."

It's about Fulfilling Your God Given Call To Inspire, Influence & Serve.

It's written by Coach Jarvis and Chad Bonham.

It can be ordered at

Look for Jarvis' occasional appearances on the Sports Exchange.

He's a class act who had a very successful career as a head coach in Men's College Basketball which spanned over 25 years.

In addition to his book, he serves as an adjunct professor for the South Florida Bible College in Deerfield Beach, FL.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at He's a co-host with Peter Wein on the Sports Exchange Radio Program, which can be found at and Founder of The South Florida Tribune. He's also a member of Detroit Sports Media.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

National Drama League (NDL)


Within the next 48 hours, there will be a new champion in the NFL.

While there have been many storylines during Super Bowl Week, including which sport Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray will play, baseball or football, there is one sport which is producing too much drama.

You guessed it, the NBA.

When I lived in Metro Detroit, it was great covering the Pistons during the "Bad Boys Era" championship run.

They played good old fashioned Blue Collar Basketball, led by Coach Chuck Daly, who handled his locker-room masterfully.

Nowadays, I really struggle to find motivation to go to NBA Games.

When the Pistons played The Miami Heat and Orlando Magic in the playoffs during the early part of the decade, you never heard of players making public trade demands or networking with others to try to form super teams.

Hearing Anthony Davis attempt to force his way out of New Orleans, and now Boston's Kyrie Irving potentially seeking an exit strategy is a bunch of nonsense.

Then again, it was Irving who demanded to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and Lebron James to lead his own team and hasn't won anything on his own with Boston.

These players are so darn stupid that once upon a time the NBA Finals used to be played in Tape Delay at 11:30 pm ET following the local news on CBS.

The league was practically broke!

When Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined the NBA in the fall of 1979, this leagues' fortunes began heading in a positive direction.

After Johnson and Bird, the emergence of Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing began to make the league more interesting when you blend them with holdovers Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Julius Erving.

Former Commissioner David Stern did a tremendous job adding a salary cap and striving for competitive balance. He was a genius with marketing the league, leading it to a billion dollar industry.

The reality of today's NBA can be broken down in the following ways.

1. It's become a jump shooters, three point shooting league with the rules designed to de-emphasize physical play, holding and hand checking. If I want to watch a bunch of overpaid millennials take jump shots, I would go to the community basketball courts and do it myself.

I have no problem with the NBA All-Star Game being an offensive showcase because it's always been that way.

There is no question the league has the best athletes of the four major sports.

But to emphasize offense when in reality defense really wins championships goes beyond my yesteryear thinking.

2. There are a lot of players that I couldn't stomach in the league. Former Chicago Bulls forward Scottie Pippen was at the top until LeBron James overtook him.

First of all, James had to leave Cleveland to piggyback with Dwayne Wade to win a pair of titles with the Heat.

His "The Decision" Show was the worst piece of PR I've ever seen!

To compound that, he gets on a stage with Wade and Chris Bosh to talk about how many titles they would win estimating way more than the two they won.

The trio already had a bullseye on them.

I think James' biggest accomplishment was ending Cleveland's half century title drought and winning one for the Cavaliers.

The only negative about this, is it came with Tyron Lue as the coach, not David Blatt, who was run out of town by James, despite taking the team to an NBA Finals.

Blatt was a defensive minded coach and James didn't like it. Blatt has been a legendary coach overseas.

Now I hear James is having issues with Los Angeles Lakers Coach Luke Walton.

If LeBron has issues with Walton then he should be a players coach like Celtics Hall of Famer Bill Russell was. Then he has himself to blame if things go wrong. Don't hold your breath on James being a head coach.

If Walton were to get terminated, he'd get hired with the snap of a finger and his phone would be ringing off the hook.

Could James have played in the good old days where if you drive the lane you get leveled?

I'd say he would be an excellent player because he's such a great physical specimen.

But he would take a beating and would really need to recharge at the end of the season because of the pounding he would take.

Although James has three NBA Titles and has made numerous finals appearances, his legacy in the world of social media goes beyond his accomplishments on and off the floor.

While I respect his charitable work, I don't give a damn about his social or political views! His responsibility is to play basketball.

There is no question he's done well with his endorsement opportunities and in preparing for his post basketball career.

3. I'm glad that the NBA put a stop on players missing games to rest on back to back nights which deprived fans for seeing a superstar on a given day. The problem became so bad that the players were missing nationally televised games.

4. A coaches job description is to coach and not talk about politics and social issues. If you want to do this then run for political office when you're done coaching. Other coaches and athletes have had great careers outside of sports.

I could careless about what Gregg Popovich, Steve Kerr and Stan Van Gundy have to say!

What the NBA needs are more stories like the one that is developing at the All-Star Game on February 17, 2019 in Charlotte, NC.

Miami Heat Guard Dwyane Wade and Dallas Mavericks big man Dirk Nowitzki were added to the team as "special team roster additions."

Both are playing in their final seasons and it's an opportunity to pay tribute to their careers.

This is what the league needs!

It doesn't need, where will the most selfish non defensive player Carmelo Anthony land?

Who cares about where these kids fathers want there kids to play or where they won't play.

Today's players make an excellent living and should appreciate those who grew the game before them. They should understand the great history the NBA has!

Not use their greed and idiotic attitudes to tarnish the league.

But once again, as I struggle to decide to go back and see an NBA game these days, which is sad because I've so many great memories with this sport, it's tough to get motivated with the millennials that don't appreciate how far the league has come which allows them to make a great living.

On December 27, 2018, former NBA player Roy Hinson appeared on the Sports Exchange.

We had a blast going down memory lane talking about the good old days compared to where the league is now.

There might be that rare instance when I invite an NBA guest on. 

And I mean rare only because it's our responsibility to cover all sports.

When the time comes and the drama goes away, then I'll watch more games on TV and attend more contests.

The league has to get me motivated again.

Perhaps, the only possibility is covering an occasional Detroit Pistons Game against the Miami Heat, by which time I would catch up with some old colleagues.

But unfortunately, the NDL isn't the game I was fortunate to cover throughout my Sports Media career.

All I can do at the present time is just read the news and nod my head.

Occasionally, I will listen to TNT's Charles Barkley because he generally says what's on my mind. Kudos to Barkley.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at

He's a member of Detroit Sports Media, Co-host of the Sports Exchange with Peter Wein on the which airs 5-7 pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays and Founder of The South Florida Tribune.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Super Bowl Icons


While the main story-line heading into Sunday's 53rd Super Bowl is former Michigan QB Tom Brady appearing in his ninth championship game; there is another man who is one of three writers that's covered all of these contests.

His name is Jerry Green, a long-time columnist of the Detroit News. Green is age 89 and is a very good friend of mine. Green has been a colleague of mine in Metro Detroit for years and is a journalism icon back home.

When I was growing up in Detroit, Green and the late Joe Falls were the best one-two punches when it came to credible columnists whom informed readers and provided credible opinions. These guys did things the right way and I'm very proud of the fact that I know and knew both of them!

Falls was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Green was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2005.

While I've had the great privilege of covering four Super Bowls and am very proud of that, I hope Green can reach at least 60.

In sports there are many records that will never be broken, Green is doing something more special that unless you're in Sports Media, you'll never really appreciate what Jerry has really accomplished.

The players make the news, but without great journalists like Green writing the news, nobody would know the news. I'm looking forward to updating this in a year when Jerry reaches No.54.


The most interesting part of Sunday's Pro Bowl was watching Jalen Ramsey catching a touchdown pass in the final minute of the game. I have to wonder whether the Jags might consider using Ramsey as a wide receiver in periodic situations.


Speaking of the Pro Bowl, the AFC won it's third straight All-Star Game 26-7, all at the Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL.

New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams and Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes won Co MVP Honors. Each of them got a luxury vehicle.

Meanwhile, the AFC players earned $67,000 for the win which is $8,000 more than the guys who lose in the Super Bowl on Sunday in Atlanta, GA. The Pro Bowl losers earned $39,000.

Nonetheless, not a bad days work if you can get it.


Finally, New England Patriots wide receiver Josh Gordon remains at an inpatient drug treatment facility in Florida after he was suspended in December for multiple violations of his reinstatement under the NFL's Substance Abuse Policy, a source told NESN's Doug Kyed.

Kyed adds that Gorden's suspension was triggered by diluted drug test samples. It's his fifth since 2012 and his third indefinite ban.

The Patriots are reportedly paying for the receivers treatment.

If New England defeats the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII, Gordon would receive a Championship Ring. He caught 40-68 targets with the Patriots for 720 yards and three touchdowns over 11 games after being acquired from the Cleveland Browns.

Have to wonder what former Miami Dolphins QB Dan Marino is thinking that Gordon could get a championship ring, and he was shutout in the jewelry department.


While I'd like to see the Rams win the Super Bowl, I have to agree with recent Sports Exchange Guest Mel Farr Jr.

It's tough to bet against greatness as in Tom Brady.

The Patriots will not lose two Super Bowls in a row.

New England will defeat the Rams 33-28. Tom Brady gets it done again and makes the Michigan Wolverines alumni base very proud.

Scott Morganroth can he reached at and is a member of Detroit Sports Media.

He is a Co-host of the Sports Exchange with Peter Wein which airs Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm on the and is Founder of The South Florida Tribune.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Interesting Intrastate Florida Rivalry


There is one thing the NFL doesn't like to do and that's realign divisions to create new rivalries unless it really has to.

If the league did, there would be one match-up that would occur more often than it does.

The Miami Dolphins would face the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Prior to their game December 23, 2018 game at Hard Rock Stadium, the teams had only met eight times since Jacksonville joined the league in 1995.

This game was only the third time these squads ever met in Miami.

These teams are less than 350 miles away off I-95.

The first time these two teams met in Miami was on December 3, 2006 when Jacksonville left South Florida with a 24-10 win.

These squads met again in Miami on December 16, 2012.

The Dolphins swam away with a 24-3 win.

Jacksonville finished the campaign 2-14 and Head Coach Mike Mularkey was terminated after one season.

I attended this game.

But for a series with very few moments, there have been some interesting results and connections.

First of all, prior to this game, these teams were 4-4 including the playoffs with Miami owning a 4-3 edge in the regular season.

There last meeting occurred on September 20, 2015 as the Jaguars won 23-20 in North Florida.

But the Jags have owned this series when it mattered the most.

Jacksonville thrashed Miami in the Division Playoffs 62-7 on January 15, 2000 in what turned out to be the last game ever for Dolphins Coach Jimmy Johnson and QB Dan Marino.

This game was played in Jacksonville.

The QB who defeated the Dolphins was Jay Fiedler, who ironically has the same birthday as myself on December 29. He was born in 1971 while I started breathing in 1962.

After that win over Miami, he proceeded to sign with the Dolphins inking a three-year deal worth $3.8 Million.

He replaced Dan Marino as the starter leading Miami to three 10 plus wins with the team in four years. He had two 11-5 seasons in 2000 and 2001.

During his time with Miami, he led the Dolphins to an AFC East Title along with two post-season appearances.

Fiedler is the last Dolphins QB to win a playoff game as Miami defeated the Indianapolis Colts 23-17 in overtime on December 30, 2000 at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Fiedler would later be inducted into The National Jewish Museum Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

What would or wouldn't we see on this day?

We wouldn't see Dolphins future Hall of Fame running back Frank Gore, who was placed on injured reserve.

What we would see was a defensive game as both teams were tied 7-7 entering the third quarter until Jacksonville ultimately was led by QB Blake Bortles and it's highly touted defense to win 17-7.

The Jags scored a defensive touchdown as Telvin Smith Sr. intercepted a Ryan Tannehill pass 33-yards to pay dirt.

The loss dropped the Dolphins to 7-8 and they were officially eliminated from the playoffs.

As it turned out, this was the last home game for Miami Coach Adam Gase, who was fired on December 30, 2018 following an embarrassing 42-17 road loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 17. The Dolphins finished the regular season 7-9.

So here we have it, another game in Miami, and two coaches would be fired on that Black Monday named Mularkey and Gase in their respective years, 2012 and 2018.

It appears that both starting QB's will be looking for new homes in 2019.

There has been talk that the Jaguars are ready to move on from Blake Bortles while the Dolphins have seen enough of Ryan Tannehill.

I'll be curious to see when these teams meet again, but you can rest assure for a rivalry that has seen so little, it's seen a lot!

The Jaguars now own the All-Time Series 5-4.

Jacksonville is 2-0 in games when they punched the Dolphins in the gut.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at
He's a member of Detroit Sports Media.
He's the Founder and CEO of South Florida Tribune.
He's the Host of The Sports Exchange on the which airs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm with Peter Wein.

Bucket List 2019


As the year winds down, it's time to reflect and plan ahead.

During a recent visit with former College Basketball Coach Mike Jarvis at Dunkin Donuts in Deerfield Beach, FL., we had the time to talk about old times when we worked together as I was covering the FAU Owls.

We also talked about plans for promoting his upcoming book, "The Seven C's of Leadership" which I'll get into details at a later date.

As I work towards completing my comeback in radio and building my online Publication "The South Florida Tribune" as well as other future endeavors, I looked to Jarvis for guidance as I've tended to do in the past.

We talked about what events I'd like to write and talk about in the future?

Whether I pull them off is another story, but I'm certainly going to try to work on some of these this year.

The QB that gets this process started is my longtime brother from another mother and esteemed colleague George Eichorn.

What will it take to get to some of these places and events?

For one, good health, and manipulate the finances to make these happen.

In order to keep peace with my spouse, I have a feeling that on occasion, I might have to ride solo so she doesn't get upset with me so we can make our annual trips to Michigan and Wisconsin.

So here we go.

1. I've always had a burning desire to cover the Rolex 24 Hour Race in Daytona Beach, FL. That race takes place from January 26-27. To cover an event for 24 hours especially with the adrenaline rush associated with Motor Sports would be neat. This is very attainable. A few hours up I-95 North gets the job done.

2. On the Sports Exchange, we had NHRA Driver and Owner Lex Joon on the program, and we discussed the possibility of me getting involved with The Gator Nationals. This year is the 50th Anniversary of the event and it takes place from March 14-17, at the Gainesville Raceway. Lex and I talked about me getting involved in one of the NHRA Hot Rods. Very attainable! A four hour drive up I-75 North does the trick.

3. I've been talking about this one for the past few years. I've always wanted to see The Jacksonville Jaguars play an NFL Game at Wembley Stadium in England. My Great Friend Dan Edwards (in the photo) has always told me if I can get there, he'll accommodate us. We had this conversation recently and I told him that we need goals and things to shoot for in life. He's just waiting for me to let him know.

Besides, my wife would like to tour Wimbledon and explore the history of this historic area. Since I've never been overseas, this would be a great place to start.

4. In 2018, we hit eight Spring Training Venues in Arizona. There are two remaining. The Cubs have a new facility in Mesa while the San Francisco Giants play in Scottsdale. We need to finish this plus see the Milwaukee Brewers renovations in Phoenix and what would a trip to that area be like without seeing My Great Friend, Tim Mead with the Anaheim Angels in Tempe.

5. Why would I want to cover this next event, The CFL's Grey Cup? The major motivation is since I've covered four Super Bowls, a USFL Championship, this will give me an opportunity to cover North America with Pro Football Championships. We've had some CFL guests on the Sports Exchange, now it's time to meet a few.

6. Finally, there are a handful of Spring Training venues left in Florida. But since it's in state, a car trip or weekend is all it takes to get this done.

There are other events I'd like to hit as well.

I'd like to see a game at Fenway Park in Boston and attend the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. There are lots of new stadiums in all sports around the country, in addition to motor sports race tracks I'd like to hit on the trail, but for now, this is a good starting point.

Tell me what you think.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at He's a member of Detroit Sports Media.

His radio show The Sports Exchange can be heard on the with Peter Wein from 5-7 pm Tuesdays and Thursday. He's also the Founder and CEO of The South Florida Tribune.

Surprise Coaching Changes


Before I start this column, I want to wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

Tis the time of the year where you better cash in on your tax write offs.

And collect that last cash which will determine your yearly earnings.


We all expect coaching turnover the day after the NFL season ends.

This is called  "Black Monday."


In the past 24 hours, there have been some unexpected jobs that came open in collegiate sports.

On Sunday, The Miami Hurricanes got a surprise they didn't expect.

A big one!

After watching his football team get thrashed by the Wisconsin Badgers 35-3 in the Pinstripe Bowl on December 27, 2018, Head Coach Mark Richt abruptly announced his retirement.

I was hoping that when we got credentialed for the Hurricanes opening game against Savannah State University 77-0, that there would be an opportunity to write a story on Richt, who was coaching at his alma mater.

But thanks to some shoddy PR work by the Hurricanes Sports Information Staff, that never came to fruition.

Richt's story appeared to be a good one since it reminded me of Jim Harbaugh's return to Michigan.

Before I get to Richt's successor, let's go to the numbers.

In Richt's three years with UM, he had a 26-13 record. His tenure started 19-4, but ended 7-9.

Miami ranked as high as No.2 and it seemed like UM was on the road to national prominence.

In the end, the Hurricanes never seemed to develop a QB which was Richt's former position.

You have to have a signal caller and that seemed to be the downfall.

After the Hurricanes pounding of Savannah State on Saturday, September 8 2018, the most energetic person in the post-game press conference was Defensive Coordinator Manny Diaz.

A couple of weeks ago, Diaz was hired as the new head coach at Temple University. He decided to coach the Hurricanes in their bowl game in New York.

When Richt's announcement came, there would be names mentioned as his successors.

Former Hurricanes Coach and current FIU Boss Butch Davis, Oregon Coach Mario Cristobal, who coached at FIU, and former NFL Coach Rex Ryan were prominently discussed.

But to the Hurricanes credit with the cooperation of Temple University, Diaz didn't have to move up I-95 to Philadelphia to coach the Owls.

Instead, he was offered and accepted his dream job in his hometown of Miami working at a Power Five School, albeit with no head coaching experience.

Now he has the task of trying to resurrect a program that has failed to win an ACC Championship and attempt to fill a stadium which is tough to do when you're winning.

Diaz, who created the "Turnover Chain" will have a lot of links to connect to bring this program back to prominence which Howard Schnellenberger originally turned around.

I really thought Richt was the guy, but now he'll get to ride off into retirement world, though I do feel he quit on this program and had left unfinished business to take care of.

Although, he did donate $1 Million to finance a badly needed Indoor Practice Facility.

Nonetheless, I wish him well.


Another Coaching move that stunned me this morning was UCLA deciding to fire Head Coach Steve Alford.

Alford was hired by the Bruins in March of 2013.

During his first season in Los Angeles, he went 28-9.

Alford made appearances in the Sweet 16 three of four years at the helm, but were eliminated as part of the First Four in last years NCAA Tournament.

Alford's stint at UCLA ends with a 124-63 record including a 55-35 mark in conference play.

UCLA has started 7-6 and was on a four-game losing streak when Athletic Director Dan Guerrero decided to pull the plug on his employment.

During that losing streak, the Bruins lost at home to Liberty, and Ohio State while also falling to Cincinnati by 29 points.

Alford will have no problem landing another job down the line.

Alford's all-time head coaching record is 587-298 with a .663 winning percentage.

His stops include Division III Manchester, Southwest Missouri State, Iowa and New Mexico before landing at UCLA.

On a future Sports Exchange Show, I hope to land former UCLA Basketball Play-By-Play Announcer Chris Roberts to talk about what it's like to coach at Westwood in the shadows of iconic Coach John Wooden.

Stay tuned.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at

He's a member of Detroit Sports Media and is Co-host of The Sports Exchange on the with Peter Wein that runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm.

He's also the Founder and CEO of The South Florida Tribune.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

This Week In Football


The end of an era took place last weekend in My Hometown of Farmington Hills, MI.

Farmington Hills Harrison High School will close down after this year. The only coach in their 49-year history John Herrington won't be roaming the sidelines in 2019.

Chelsea won the Division 4 Regional Final 21-14 and ended the Hawks last ever football season.

Herrington finishes with 443 career victories, most in MHSAA annals and 13 State Titles! You talk about the molding of kids into men, Herrington is a legend in every sense of the word!

Hope you have a great retirement coach because you deserve it! My only regret is I never had a chance to meet you.

But for all we know, who is to say that Herrington won't land at another school either on the sidelines or in another role. Stay tuned!


New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas has been fined $30 K for using a cell phone while celebrating a TD against the LA Rams. The celebration was a tribute to Saints icon Joe Horn, who famously whipped out a cell phone after scoring a TD in 2003.

Horn was also fined $30 K. I'm surprised the fine wasn't more due to inflation attributing to bigger salaries. But there is no doubt that Thomas probably has a good accountant and will make good use of  the tax write off.


Pittsburgh Steelers Le'Veon Bell running back kept his word and has decided to sit out the entire 2018 regular season. Bell is seeking a contract in free agency of $17 Million per-season and $45 Million Guaranteed. Sacrificing the season means that Bell's body won't have any wear and tear on it. It wouldn't have been worth it to play a handful of games late in the season.

The Saints signed free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant and it took him just two practices to land on injured reserve as he tore his Achilles Tendon which will take eight months of rehabilitation. What worked against Bryant is he wasn't in football shape. But the silver lining in all of this is the Saints are willing to bring him back as long as he recovers, plus Dez wants to return to New Orleans.


Finally, the Miami Dolphins were fined $30 K and head coach Adam Gase was fined $15 K for the handling of QB Ryan Tannehill on the Week 6 injury report.

Tannehill was listed as a full participant on Thursday of Week 6 despite missing reps because of a shoulder injury. He should have been listed as a limited participant.

As it turned out, Tannehill was a game day scratch against the Chicago Bears. The 30-year old hasn't played since.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at He his a member of Detroit Sports Media and hosts The Sports Exchange on on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm. He's also the CEO of The South Florida Tribune.

Lions Brandon Powell, Sunshine State Underdog


When you look at powerful High School Football Programs in Michigan, the three that come to mind are Birmingham Brother Rice, Detroit De La Salle and Farmington Hills Harrison.

I just heard that Harrison's 49-year run, all under legendary Coach John Herrington, has come to an end as the school won't be in existence next year.

In South Florida, one of the biggest High School Football Programs is the Deerfield Beach Bucks in my backyard.

The Michigan Wolverines know this school well as former QB Denard Robinson, 28, played here.

Robinson went on to play three years as a running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2013-2016.

Another prominent Buck which made Deerfield Beach High School proud is Jason Pierre-Paul.

Paul, 29, played for the New York Giants from 2010-2017.

He's currently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Paul has won a Super Bowl and also has two Pro-Bowls on his resume. To date, he has 68 sacks.

The latest Deerfield Beach Buck in the NFL plays his home games at Ford Field.  His name is Brandon Powell, 23, who was signed as an undrafted free agent from the Florida Gators.

Scouting and player personnel staffs are not only graded on the players they draft, but whom they sign as undrafted free agents.

Do the Lions have a hidden gem on their roster?

Time will tell how many teams will regret that they should have snapped up Powell, who has a chip on his shoulder looking to prove his doubters wrong.

When the Detroit Lions came to Miami to face the Dolphins on October 21, I had an opportunity to spend time with Powell, who is 5'8" and 181 lbs.

Another former Lion wide receiver who had the same initials Brett Perriman.

Perriman played his college ball in the state of Florida with the Miami Hurricanes.

When I asked Powell if he had ever heard of Perriman, he politely nodded his head and said no.

He came across to me as a level headed and blue collar young man.

Here is what he had to say after the Detroit Lions defeated the Miami Dolphins 32-21 at Joe Robbie Stadium.

Q:Tell me about your road to the NFL?

A: It was a long, long road and I still have a long ways to go. I'm still learning a lot from a great group of guys in the receivers room. I'm just happy to be here and living a dream since I was a kid.

Q: Being an undrafted free agent like you were, your road wasn't the easiest and conventional to get to the NFL. How much more of an effort did you put into it to make this happen?

A: I did but I always work hard and I knew I'd get a shot somewhere. Once I got here, I just had to make sure that I took full advantage of my opportunity, and every opportunity I had. I have a great group of guys who were willing to teach me everything from day one since I got here.

It's great with this group of receivers that show me the way and I just continue to work and made the team.

Q: When you played in the Tampa August pre-season game under adverse weather conditions, can you recollect about what was a critical contest to make your last push to make the squad? Obviously, your big highlight was an 80-yard punt return for a touchdown.

A: I take everyday as an interview and try to do my best every single time. It was good to be back in Florida at home to have a game like that to score a TD in front of my family. It was a good opportunity for me.  I was thankful for the opportunity the Detroit Lions gave me to play in my hometown to play in my first NFL game.

Q: Tell me what it was like to play in Deerfield Beach High School? I know they're a powerhouse in Broward County.

A: It's the best high school. There are a lot of great players which have played there like Denard Robinson and Jason Pierre Paul. It's a great high school and I wish I had time to come back there and watch them. But I have to handle some business right now. It's the best high school in South Florida to me.

Q: How much did it cost you to get tickets for your family and friends to attend the Lions vs Dolphins?

A: My family are Dolphins fans and they were out tailgating. They didn't care about watching the game. They just wanted to be out here at my first NFL game in South Florida. I wish I could have played and they had to spend a lot of money to get them all in here. They were just happy to be here and tailgate. My grandma and everyone else was watching the game. It was fun.

Q: There have been no shortage of Florida Gators that have worn the Detroit Lions colors. Lomas Brown is a Lions legend and currently a Lions color analyst. Jarrad Davis and Teez Tabor are also teammates of yours. Going back in the record books, there are a lot more former Gainesville residents that played in Metro Detroit. What is it like to be the latest Gator wearing a different color blue in the State of Michigan?

A: It's great and that shows you the Gators produce a lot of athletes. They put a lot of talent in the NFL. The Florida Gators are one of the top schools in the country and produce athletes.

Q: Tell me your thoughts about playing for the Detroit Lions, who own a deep history in the NFL?

A: It's great. I never thought of it because I was a Dolphins fan growing up. I never heard much about the Detroit Lions during the draft process coming up. Of course everybody knew who Barry Sanders was. I used to watch him in college because I went to college as a running back. I used to watch a lot of his video on You Tube. Just being here playing for the Detroit Lions and being here on this team is an honor.

Q: Tell me about the wide receivers who you like to pattern yourself around?

A: For me, I like and watch Antonio Brown, Julian Edelman, and Danny Amendola, who plays for the Dolphins. The Patriots run a similar offense as to what we ran in college that we now do in Detroit. So Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are two receivers I model a lot.

Q: What are your thoughts about catching passes from Matthew Stafford?

A: My first ever pass catch from him, he ripped my gloves. It's great to catch a pass from a QB like that. He's one of the great QB's in the NFL. It's an honor for me to be on the same field with him.

Q: Does being an Underdog inspire you considering what it took for you to get to the NFL?

A: To me, I've always been an Underdog.

I've never had the size that everybody wanted. My work ethic is what makes me, me.

Q: Finally, Is there any other thing that you want to add to the conversation?

A: I just want to work hard, learn from these guys and when the time comes just take advantage of it.

For whatever it's worth, it was interesting when Powell mentions Barry Sanders. Brandon went to school as a running back. Like Powell, Sanders is 5-8 and he weighed 200 pounds.

Meanwhile, Darren Sproles, 5-6, 185 pounds has been used on special teams in the kickoff and punt roles. Sproles has hybrid skills being used as a running back and a slot receiver. The true definition of being a hybrid player.

It will be interesting to see if the Lions coaching staff identifies whether Powell can be used in many ways in an effort to find a new playmaker.

Brandon is indeed an Underdog and playing in the Sunshine State along with the many players who have had NFL careers because they can play year round is why there is an abundance of talent down here.

I'll be curious to monitor the developments if Brandon Powell is another Hidden Gem.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at He is a member of Detroit Sports Media and is Host of the Sports Exchange on which can be heard on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Paul Woods' NHL Perspectives


Whenever the Detroit Red Wings travel to Sunrise, FL., there are a lot of people that I look forward to seeing.

If you can find me three nicer beat writers to work with, speaking of Helene St. James, Dana Wakiji and Ted Kulfan, then do it.

Red Wings Radio Announcers Ken Kal and Paul Woods are truly great friends!

When the Red Wings came to face the Florida Panthers on October 20, I once again spent time with Woods.

During the first intermission, Paul and I took a different approach to this conversation in what turned out to be a 4-3 Red Wings victory, the teams' first of the season.

We decided to focus on the most interesting topics in the NHL.

An 82-game regular season in the NHL is brutal.

The grind becomes even tougher in the playoffs in what turns out to be a war of attrition when chasing the most difficult championship, and that's winning the Stanley Cup Trophy.

Here are some of Woods insights of the key storylines that will unfold this season.

Q: How important is it for the NHL to have all the Original Six Teams qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

A: I think it's important Scott. It's a good point especially with the history of it. The Red Wings have a rich history with Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Alex Delvecchio, Nicklas Lidstrom, Steve Yzerman, Sergei Federov and the list goes on and on. It's neat to be a part of that.

I know when Detroit made it to the playoffs 25 consecutive years, and missed the last two, we don't like that feeling. We want to get back there as fast as we can.

Q: The Vegas Golden Knights made it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural season. Do you see any let down in their second campaign?

A: It was amazing. I didn't pick them to go that way. I kept looking at them and said, yeah a good start and this is a team that's running on adrenaline right now then the wheels will fall off sooner or later. But they never did.

They had former Panthers Coach Gerard Gallant, one of my former teammates, and I can't say enough good things about him. The way they played with intensity up and down the line-up was impressive. It was like "Us against the World" and lets just show them what we can do. It's an amazing story.

They've gotten off to a slow start (8-11-1) but that's going to change. They have some key players who are injured right now. I think they'll be a playoff team again in the Western Conference. General Manager George McPhee has done a fantastic job.

Q: Is Vegas the hunted and are they going to come down to earth, or are they Not going to come down to earth? I know they had an impressive 109 points in their expansion season. I have my doubts that they'll return to the playoffs.

A: We do differ on this one Scott and there is nothing wrong about that. I respect how long you've covered the sport. I really do expect Vegas to be in the playoff picture in the Western Conference and they'll do well when they get there.

Q: Finally, by the time we see each other again in the spring, Seattle could be the 32nd franchise in the NHL and this will balance the conferences out with an equal amount of teams. What are your thoughts about that?

A: This will be great. After what Vegas did, they'll expect the same thing in terms of higher expectations with better players available. I don't think they'll duplicate what was done last season. The general manager and coach they hire will be under a lot of pressure based on what Vegas accomplished last season.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at, is a member of Detroit Sports Media. He also hosts the Sports Exchange on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-7 pm on the

Monday, November 12, 2018

We're Talking Baseball


Are Joe Mauer and C.C. Sabathia future Hall of Famers and how much money will Bryce Harper earn during free agency?

These are the three individuals that we'll talk about in this story.

Minnesota Twins first baseman and catcher Joe Mauer retired Friday after 15 seasons. He played his entire career with the same team which is uncommon these days. His career is refreshing because he played for his hometown team.

Unfortunately for Mauer, his career was derailed by concussion issues.

Mauer, 35, was drafted No.1 overall in 2001.

He won an MVP in 2009, three batting titles, appeared in six All-Star Games, won five Silver Sluggers, three Gold Gloves as a catcher and had a career slash line----.306 average, 2,123 hits, 143 HR's, 428 doubles, 923 RBIs in 1,858 games.

So the question remains is Mauer a future Hall of Famer?

I'd say he's borderline because his numbers are good but are they enough to give him a plaque in Cooperstown, NY?

The Baseball Writers Association of America could take his injury situation into consideration and if they ask what if he'd been healthy would his numbers be substantially higher?

Mauer never had any off the field issues and I understand he was polite to the media.

But what do you fans think?

Please send me your comments and I'll mention them on The Sports Exchange (an Internet Radio Sport Talk Show  which runs Tuesday's and Thursdays from 5-7 pm.


New York Yankees Pitcher C.C. Sabathia announced that he will retire after the 2019 season.

During his 19th campaign, he'll earn $8 Million from the Yankees in what will be his 11th season playing in the Bronx.

Sabathia's other stops include seven plus years with the Cleveland Indians and he was a rental for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2008.

He won a Cy Young Award with the Indians.

Sabathia currently has a lifetime record of 246-153 with a 3.70 ERA.

He's the majors active leader in strikeouts with 2,986, walks 1,060, complete games 38 and innings pitched 3,470.

There are some milestones he's looking to reach during the upcoming season.

He's four wins away from 250.
He's 30 innings away from 3,500.
He's 14 strikeouts away from 3,000. He will be the 17th player to reach 3,000 strikeouts.

Sabathia also has 12 shutouts and has won a World Series with the Yankees.

What chance does Sabathia have to reach baseball immortality?

In an age of specialization, I would say he has an excellent chance.

Playing in the largest Media Market in the county referring to New York City will definitely enhance his chances considerably.


Finally, where will Bryce Harper land in Free Agency?

After turning down a 10-year contract worth $300 Million to stay with the Washington Nationals, the question remains which teams would be paying the potential asking price of up to $400 Million that Super Agent Scott Boras could potentially ask for?

The only teams that I think could be possibilities would appear to be the Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants, New York Yankees or the LA Angels.

I don't think the Chicago Cubs would ante up the coin since they snapped their 108 championship drought, thus there is no desperation to make a big splash of this kind. In fact, I see the Cubs ultimately cutting payroll to stay below the luxury tax threshold.

Adding Harper to the Phillies would be an indication that Philadelphia is ready to win now and he'd sell a lot of tickets.

The Giants have an excellent history and San Francisco has treated their superstar players well. They've even endorsed the pseudo Home Run King Barry Bonds, who hit his HR's with Performance Enhancing Drugs.

It's hard to rule out the New York Yankees and pitchers would have nightmares if Harper was in the same line-up as Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton.

The LA Angels would be my dark horse if he's paired with Mike Trout in the lineup.

If teams decided the asking price was too steep, and the market dried up, then I could see the Nationals bringing Harper back to Washington.

Washington had a chance to land Yasiel Puig in a trade with the LA Dodgers but now it's inevitable they'll get nothing.

It's important to note that Harper has never played in a full season nor has he won a playoff series.

The most games Harper has played in a season is 159, at bats are 550, his career batting average is .279, has 184 HRs and 521 RBIs.

Judge for yourself and let me know on the Sports Exchange.

I wouldn't pony up that amount of coin based on seven years worth of work.

Despite being 26-years old, that seems to be too high of a risk for me.

Yet, there is always an owner that would take on such an investment.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at

He's a member of Detroit Sports Media and is host of the Sports Exchange which can be heard on

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Job Security?


What have you done for me lately?

During the past week, three coaches found this out in what is indeed a cut throat

In the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks fired their 60-year old head coach Joel Quenneville, a native of Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Quenneville coached the Windy City squad for 10 seasons and won three Stanley Cups.

At the time of his dismissal, Quenneville was 6-6-3, but was 3-6-1 in their last 10 games, two points out of the Wild Card Spot in the Western Conference.

He was replaced by 33-year old Jeremy Collins, who is now the youngest coach in the NHL.

Quenneville turned the Blackhawks into a dynasty after being hired in 2008, winning the three titles from 2010-2015. He won three Central Division Titles along with a Presidents Trophy in 2013.

His overall mark for Chicago was 446-243-93.

But don't feel sorry for Joel because he can still feed his family. He signed a three-year contract extension in 2016. He's owed the remainder of this years salary and will pocket another $6 Million next season.

In 1,636 games coached, he's won 890, lost 532, has 77 ties and 137 overtime losses.

There is no doubt that he can afford to be patient and selective of his next opportunity as his services will be in high demand.


Now we turn our attention to the North Side of Chicago where the Cubs reside.

Manager Joe Maddon has one-year left on his contract that runs through the end of 2019.

President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein has tabled talks for an extension until late next season or afterwards.

The 64-year old skipper has guided the Cubs to a combined 387-261 mark, been to the playoffs all four years he's been at the helm and famously ended a 108-year World Series Drought. He won The Fall Classic in 2016, his second year with the team.

The 2018 Wild Card Game loss to the Colorado Rockies last month marked the Cubs shortest post-season stint in Maddon's tenure.

I'll be curious over the course of the next year as to what roster moves are made and will the Cubs cut down on payroll, thus determining what talent he'll have to work with.

To Maddon's credit, if he can win with the low-budget Tampa Bay Rays, he can succeed anywhere under any circumstances.

If he ever becomes unemployed, he won't be out of work long.


Finally, the next championship pink slip comes from North Of The Border in the Canadian Football League.

The CFL's Toronto Argonauts fired head coach Marc Trestman---one year after a Grey Cup victory.

Trestman was hired as the Argonauts 43rd head coach in February of 2017 and went on to lead them to a thrilling 27-24 victory over the Calgary Stampeders in the 105th Grey Cup in Ottawa after a 9-9 regular season.

The 2018 season saw Toronto slide to 4-14 and the 62-year old Minneapolis, MN., native is out of work.

In the CFL, Trestman won two Grey Cups with Montreal and another with Toronto giving him three.

I'll be curious where Trestman will land next, North or South of The Border.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at and is a member of Detroit Sports Media. He is also the Host for the Sports Exchange on

Motown Vs South Beach


If you're looking for a weekend getaway in the sun and get away from the cooler weather in Metro Detroit, this was the time to schedule it.

On Saturday Night October 20, 2018, the Detroit Red Wings traveled to Sunrise, FL to face the Florida Panthers at 7 pm.

Sunday afternoon at Hard Rock Stadium at 1 pm, the Detroit Lions made it's every eight-year visit to face the Miami Dolphins.

This past spring, there was a similar situation which took place.

The Detroit Pistons faced the Miami Heat on a Saturday Night, while the Tigers played the Washington Nationals in West Palm Beach on Sunday.

Due to medical issues, I was limited to one contest and elected to see the Tigers game. This would be the latest Spring Training venue that we saw and that stadium was dynamite.

The common denominator with all these games is that it's nice to be able to sleep in my own bed during these occasions.


The Red Wings entered their contest with the Florida Panthers as the only winless team in the NHL with a 0-5-2 mark with two points.

Detroit was playing a Panthers club that was also struggling with a 1-2-2 record with four points.

The Red Wings always seem to play well at the BB&T Center.

Detroit's record against the Panthers was 7-10-2-4.

There was no shortages of chants that said "Let's Go Red Wings."

As we were leaving the game, I saw a Red Wings fan wear a Harold Snepsts white jersey.

How many millennials remember this guy?

After the first period, it looked like the Red Wings were destined for yet another loss spotting the Panthers a 2-0 lead at the end of the first period

But Detroit woke up in the second period scoring three unanswered goals to take a 3-2 lead.

Florida would score a later goal in the third period to tie the game at 3-3, but Detroit and goaltender Jimmy Howard showed resilience in overtime to come away with a 4-3 triumph.

As I went down to the Red Wings locker room, I saw GM Ken Holland, and he was the most relieved man in the building when I asked him how it felt to get that first win.

When the game was over, I spoke with Dennis Cholowski, who was playing in this arena for the first time, about his thoughts about playing in front of the Metro Detroit transplants.

"It's pretty darn cool and we have a loyal fan base," Cholowski said. "They follow us everywhere through thick and thin. So it's pretty cool to see that."

Cholowski said he was relieved to see the team get that first win out of the way.

"For sure, we were yearning for it and we've wanted it for awhile now. Thankfully, we got the first one out of the way."

Coach Jeff Blashill said getting a win anywhere would have been important but also chimed in on Detroit's home away from home.

"We're fortunate we got lots of Red Wings fans throughout the country," Blashill said. "Certainly, whenever we come here there is a good number of red and white so that's a great thing. We play pretty good in this building and I thought certainly parts of tonight was real good."


Through the years, I've covered the Lions many times on the road.

But the place which is No.1 on my list is when they face the Miami Dolphins.

When I first became a sports writer, the Miami Dolphins were the first team that I covered working with the legendary Don Shula.

Because I was young, I was a bit intimidated by him. But as I worked with him often, he used to joke around with me and I used to ask for words of wisdom, which he was great about giving me.

I covered the Dolphins when they played at the now demolished Orange Bowl.

I interviewed late Owner Joe Robbie, who built the current stadium which I've seen two Super Bowls along with Lions and Miami Hurricanes games.

I also saw a game when Nick Saban was the Dolphins coach and former Lions QB Joey Harrington faced the Green Bay Packers and legend Brett Favre.

Too many memories to document.

This brings us back to the South Florida/Detroit Showdown Weekend.

The Lions entered the Dolphins game with a 2-3 mark, while Miami is looking for its first 5-2 start since 2003.

The Dolphins are 5-2 in their past seven meeting with the Lions, but Detroit has won each of the past two, including a 34-27 win in the last meeting in South Florida on December 26, 2010.

Today's intrigue would focus on whether Lions Coach Matt Patricia, formerly of the New England Patriots, could use his divisional knowledge to gain a scouting advantage of the Dolphins enabling Detroit to climb to 3-3.

One area Patricia won't have as much knowledge about is Dolphins QB Brock Osweiler, as he will start instead of signal caller Ryan Tannehill, who is sidelined due to a shoulder injury.

On this day, Lions would defeat the Dolphins 32-21.

The Lions scored a touchdown on their first possession for the first time this season while snapping Miami's streak of 13 consecutive games without allowing an opening drive touchdown.

Detroit recorded 248 rushing yards as a team, the most since logging 249 yards vs Indianapolis on November 23, 1997.

Rookie running back Kerryon Johnson finished the day in career highs with 19 attempts for 158 yards (8.3 avg.). He added two receptions for 21 yards to finish with a career-most 179 yards from scrimmage. One of his runs was a 71-yard rush in the second quarter.

QB Matthew Stafford finished the day 18-of-22 passing for 217 yards and two touchdowns, good for a passer rating of 138.1.

The Lions left South Beach feeling good about themselves by improving their record to 3-3.


But how indeed the fortunes have changed for both squads.

After the Red Wings left South Florida they went on a two-game losing streak.

But in their last 10 games, Detroit is 7-3 and through 17 games, the Red Wings have improved their record to 7-8-2 with 16 points.

As for the Lions, they've lost three consecutive contests and are 3-6, as they reside in last place in the NFC North Division.

With their playoff hopes diminishing and a lost season, Coach Patricia finds himself with a lot of work to do to gain the confidence of a fan base that believes his hiring was a huge mistake.

Nonetheless, if you're a Detroit Sports Fan, who was in South Florida for the weekend, going 2-0 was money well spent.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at He's a member of Detroit Sports Media and also hosts The Sports Exchange on the

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