Saturday, August 18, 2012

Superclown Goes To Hollywood


At long last, the Dwight Howard Soap Opera is over and it ended in Hollywood.

Superman otherwise known as Superclown has landed in the Entertainment Capital Of The World.

It took four teams, 12 players, five draft picks and countless rounds of talks with different clubs to get a deal done. The NBA may have prevented the Lakers from acquiring Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets since it owned the Louisiana franchise.

But the NBA did itself a favor by approving this deal. The league did all of us a favor so we didn't have to hear the endless hours of trade rumors.

Even if Superclown's future is uncertain in Los Angeles, the Lakers committed grand larceny by keeping Pau Gasol in Purple and Gold in Southern California.

Orlando sent Guard Chris Duhon and Forward Earl Clark to Los Angeles to carry Howard's bags.

The Lakers knew that to land Howard, they'd have to move future superstar Andrew Bynum, whom they've nurtured since he was 17-years old. Former Pistons Coach Doug Collins is the right person to instill discipline in the center.

Like Howard, Bynum becomes a free agent after next season and both have indicated they'll test the market.

However, I doubt Bynum will leave because he grew up an hour away in nearby New Jersey, therefore playing closer to home around friends and family is enticing enough to stay. He'll be able to get a maximum contract with the 76'ers.

The 76'ers have a good young team and are on the rise. They're a very stable organization.

To think that former Detroit Pistons Guard Arron Afflalo is the best player Orlando received in this transaction is mind boggling. But indeed this is the case.

Former 76'ers Guard Andre Iguodala will fit in nicely for the Denver Nuggets. The last player with the initials A.I. Philadelphia traded to Denver was Allen Iverson.

Expect better results with Denver Coach George Karl.

I'm sure the Nuggets have compassion for Orlando since former star Carmelo Anthony held them hostage and forced a trade to the New York Knicks for several players.

Denver made out fine landing pieces which led to the playoffs despite Anthony's departure.

It's ironic to see the Nuggets in another blockbuster trade involving a superstar.

What really happened in Orlando? Magic General Manager Rob Hennigan, 30, panicked and didn't get the best deal he could.

New Jersey offered a nice package around Center Brook Lopez and plenty of first round picks.

Instead, the Magic shipped Howard West because seeing him twice a season, once at home and once on the road was all the drama Orlando wanted to see in the regular season. Orlando wanted to avoid a duplication of the Lebron James fiasco where he could haunt them in the playoffs plus the negative story-lines four times a year.

Getting rid of Howard had to be done, but firing former Coach Stan Van Gundy was completely stupid! I repeat completely stupid!

Time will tell whether the hiring of a new coach will be the right decision. This is a tough situation for Jacque Vaughn to inherit. I wish him well.

But Van Gundy has a winning percentage of .641 and a 579-371 record. He took the Magic to an NBA Finals. That will be difficult to replace.

One thing is guaranteed, Kobe Bryant won't tolerate any controversy, waffling or drama about Howard's future! You can bet on that!

Bryant will rip Howard, 6-11, 265, apart to avoid such distractions. Despite being in Hollywood, this is one act that will draw rage, not ratings.

Howard, 26, will need hearing aides if his antics continue.

I expect to see Kobe Bryant as an NBA head coach one day. Despite the fact that many great players don't turn out to be excellent head coaches, he'll be the exception to the rule.

I saw him on the bench towards the end of the regular season in street clothes. Bryant was coaching his teammates in the huddle during timeouts as well as in the game. Bryant has a great work ethic and has been around basketball his entire life. He'll demand that from his players and will get that respect.

Howard's presence is a good test run.

The Lakers have a veteran group that will pounce on Howard. Magic Johnson will also read Howard the "Riot Act" if Howard continues to become a distraction.

Howard's lucky he's in Los Angeles to rehabilitate his image. There are championships and legends and winning can stabilize a person's psych. We'll see if it does with this clown.

If Howard ever left for his hometown of Dallas, then I'll know the guy is Scrambled Eggs. But I don't think he's dumb enough to do this. Former Lakers Forward Lamar Odom crumbled when he was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Odom is now with the Los Angeles Clippers.

The Lakers are the Bentley of NBA franchises.

They have appeared in the NBA Finals 31 times and have won 17 titles. The Lakers still hold the NBA's longest winning streak which is also the longest in American Professional Sports History at 33 games that was set in the 1971-72 season.

I don't think Howard will commit Reputational Suicide, but I've been wrong before, and I'll be wrong again.

Thankfully, I like many others, won't have to hear anymore trade rumors with Howard.

One of my colleagues at work said the Howard to Los Angeles trade wasn't fair. He's a big Miami Heat fan and deep down inside believes that the Heat's chances of repeating took a major blow.

If Miami were to beat the Lakers in the first meeting between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, this will improve James and Company's legacy. If the Heat were to lose, then they will have lost to a great team and the TV Ratings would be off the charts. We'll find out in June of 2013.

The new collective bargaining agreement will limit future "Superstar Alliances" which began with the Boston Celtics, continued with the Miami Heat and has now happened again in Los Angeles.

Seeking multiple Olympians on a few teams and not in small markets will be a thing of the past.

I still haven't figured out which act was worse. Is it Howard's ongoing Soap Opera, or James TV Show "The Decision?"

But I guarantee you one thing.

There will be plenty of empty seats at the Amway Center in Orlando. The Magic has a long rebuilding process which is all too familiar when there is a Lakers---Magic connection.

The Original Superman Shaquille O' Neal left the Magic through free agency and won three titles with the Lakers and the Magic received no compensation.

With Howard's departure, they'll receive next to nothing.

The Amway Center is the building that Howard "Built" then "Bolted."

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Motor City Mad Mouth Hall Of Fame

My Cousin/Younger Sister Monique

NY Yankees Hall Of Fame Announcer Mel Allen

My Buddy Maverick

LA Dodgers Hall of Fame Manager Tom Lasorda

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard Meets My Jaw

Detroit Pistons Championship Floor

Former NY Yankee Roy White

Tennis Great Jimmy Connors

NBA Legend Rick Barry

NASCAR King Richard Petty

Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer Ernie Harwell

Boxing Trainer Angelo Dundee

NASCAR Great Buddy Baker

Former NASCAR Crew Chief Larry McReynolds

Former Miami Sports Anchor Andy Liscano

Ernie Harwell & I

George Eichorn, Harwell & I

My Dynamic Duo Eichorn & Harwell

My GREATEST FRIEND,  Grandma Sopie Morganroth

Grandma Sophie 

Inside Yankee Stadium

Outside Yankee Stadium

Former NY Yankee Catcher Butch Wynegar

Former FAU President Frank T Brogan

James Toney's Fist Meets My Mouth

Toney, Jaw Action

In the Ring with Toney

Toney says I'm No.!

CBS Broadcaster Brent Musberger 1982 

Former FAU Coach Howard Schnellenberger

Photo 2 with The Coach

Lions Announcer Bob Reynolds, Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe

Former Miami Dolphins Running Back Jim Kiick

Autograph Gordie Howe 1

Gordie Howe Autograph 2

Autograph Hall of Fame Pitcher Bob Feller

NHL Great Bobby Orr

Former Red Wing Marty Pavelich

Stan Musial 

Joe Torre

Former Red Wing Terry Harper

Green Bay Packers QB Bart Starr

ABC Auto Racing Announcer Jack Arute

National Association Banquet

Cousin Terry Kroll & Girlfriend Becky Dodger Stadium 1984

Florida State League All-Star Game

Friend Gus (Tom Selleck) Pantelides

Cubs Announcer Harry Carey

Inside Wrigley Field

Outfield Wrigley Field

Former Tiger Barbaro Garbey 1985

Great Friend Mark Patterson

"The Greatest" Muhammad Ali

USF Study Partner Beth Truesdale

Mentor Peter Bluesten

Peter Bluesten, Hallandale Digest

The Stuart Bloom Family (USF Buddy)

Rhoda Franklin, Grandma Sophie, Pearl Cullen

NFL Great Dan Fouts, San Diego Chargers Coach Norv Turner

ESPN's Suzy Kolber and Mike Tirico

Suzy Kolber

Former Piston Isiah Thomas 

Former Detroit Sportswriter Bryan Burwell

MMA's Chuck Liddell

Former Dallas Executive Gil Brandt

Best Friend Chip Namias

Chip Namias 2

Former MSU Spartan/St. Louis Ram DeMarco Farr

DeMarco Farr 2

NY Yankees Announcer Michael Kay

Photo 2 Michael Kay

NFL Hall of Fame WR Michael Irvin

Michael Irvin 2

Denver Broncos Hall of Fame RB Floyd Little

John Wooden UCLA

NASCAR Driver Robby Gordon

My Favorite Niece Bria

Uncle Bob and Aunt Judy Strohl

Aunt Judy & I

My Parents

George Steinbrenner

My Sales Mentor Ronny Grant

Injured in Aruba, Grant in Background

Inside Kentucky's Rupp Arena 1

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Matt Dobek

Greg Nicholas

My Sports Inspiration Catie Lund

Gordie Howe, Coral Springs Florida

Gordie Howe & I

Former Tampa Tribune Boss Tom McEwen

Dick Vitale & I 

Broken Egg Restaurant Sarasota, FLA, Dick Vitale

George Bush Look-A-Like

Cindy & Peter Spyke 

The Late Pearl Zivitz, Godmother & Aunt Died 6-17-2012

Dennis Roetzel Cici's in Deerfield Beach

With Mr. Hockey

Former FAU Baseball Coach Kevin Cooney

My Bearded Look With Coach Schnellenberger

DSBA Party, Farmington Hills, MI

George Eichorn & Gus Pantelides

Ray Lane & Gus Pantelides

Inside Daytona International Speedway

Former FAU QB Rusty Smith

Outside Super Bowl 44

Inside Super Bowl 44

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

Inside NY Mets Dugout in Port St. Lucie, FLA

Close-up NY Mets Dugout
Outside Super Bowl 43 Tampa

Inside Super Bowl 43 Tampa

Inside Super Bowl 43 Tampa

Lambeau Field
Former FAU QB Jeff Van Camp

Former FAU Defensive Player Frantz Joseph

Universal Studios LA 1984 with Terry Kroll

Olympia Stadium Detroit

Joe Robbie Stadium My First Super Bowl

Detroit Tigers Stadium
My Attorney Mike Pantel

MLB Best Friend Delino DeShields
FSU Legendary Coach Bobby Bowden & Howard S

Bobby Bowden
 USF SunDome 1986 Graduated

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