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Obbie VS Motor Mouth MLB Greats


A few days ago, Steve Obrien and I debated the NBA Greats.

Now, it's time for Round Two and will his age of 35 and my 51 years on this planet make a difference with the National Past Time?

Will the Steroid Era affect our opinions?

We know that baseball is based on numbers, and computers have started to change the way managers adjust their strategies.

Managers rely more on their bench coaches especially as technology has played a larger role in their decision making process.

One can only wonder how many players have played in MLB Stadiums over the past century.

But we've decided to choose 20 pitchers and 20 hitters to stimulate the debate. .

When you think of pitchers, do you take complete games and multiple inning saves into consideration? What about the designated hitter?

Here we go. Once again, the order of the numbers doesn't reflect where the players stand. The bold names are where we differ.

Once again, it will be Motown VS Beantown.

Here is our Top 20 in Each Category.


1. Ty Cobb
2. Ted Williams
3. Hank Aaron
4. Miguel Cabrera
5. Babe Ruth
6. Stan Musial (Photographed)
7. Joe DiMaggio
8. Pete Rose
9. Willie Mays
10. Tony Gwynn
11. Al Kaline
12. Lou Gehrig
13. George Brett
14 Roberto Clemente
15. Johnny Bench
16. Reggie Jackson
17. Rod Carew
18. Robin Yount
19. Cal Ripken Jr.
20. Paul Molitor


1. Mickey Mantle
2. Babe Ruth
3. Willie Mays
4. Ty Cobb
5. Ted Williams
6. Rickey Henderson
7. Lou Gehrig
8. Pete Rose
9. Derek Jeter
10. Tony Gwynn
11. Rogers Hornsby
12. Honus Wagner
13. Mike Schmidt
14. Miguel Cabrera
15. Hank Aaron
16. Ken Griffey Jr.
17. Wade Boggs
18. Carl Yastrzemski
19. Dave Winfield
20. Ichiro Suzuki


1. Cy Young
2. Walter Johnson
3. Bob Feller (Photographed)
4. Steve Carlton
5. Greg Maddux
6. Tom Glavine
7. Bob Gibson
8. Roger Clemens
9. Sandy Koufax
10. Randy Johnson
11. Jim "Catfish" Hunter
12. Nolan Ryan
13. Warren Spahn
14. Jim Palmer
15. Christy Mathewson
16. Rollie Fingers
17. Tom Seaver
18. Hal Newhouser
19. Robin Roberts
20. Don Drysdale


1. Cy Young
2. Roger Clemens
3. Tom Seaver
4. Sandy Koufax
5. Randy Johnson
6. Nolan Ryan
7. Bob Gibson
8. Walter Johnson
9. Greg Maddux
10. Steve Carlton
11. Pedro Martinez
12. Mariano Rivera
13. Warren Spahn
14. Trevor Hoffman
15. Bob Feller
16. Curt Schilling
17. Dennis Eckersley
18. John Smoltz
19. Luis Tiant
20. Tommy John

Like any list, championships were indeed a factor with these players. Some players were big factors in ending their team's long championship droughts or winning a franchises first title like Schilling with the Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks.

There were starting pitchers that re-invented themselves and became legendary closers.

Smoltz and Eckersley were two that stand out.

In addition to having a fine career as a hurler, Tommy John's Surgery has saved the careers of many pitchers.

I will be writing a future story on current Jupiter Hammerheads Pitching Coach Joe Coleman, (photographed with me taken by Candice Ebling) who has the challenge of developing young pitchers for the Miami Marlins.

Coleman and I discussed at great length the challenges that he has of making sure his pitchers learn proper mechanics to prevent future Tommy John Surgeries at Roger Dean Stadium.

Coleman is in the Class A Florida State League and had a fine career in the MLB. He was traded to the Detroit Tigers by the Washington Senators on October 9, 1970 in an eight player trade that featured the last 31-game winner in the Major Leagues, Denny McLain.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Obbie VS Motor Mouth NBA Greats


As the 2014 NBA Draft gets set to take place in 48 hours, it remains to be seen as to which player/s will emerge as the next superstar/s in this class that could lead to championships as well as a being a future Hall of Famer.

I recently became good friends with Steve Obrien, 35, a native of Methuen, Massachusetts and we decided to compare our lists as to the Greatest Players in NBA History.

Since I'm 51, it's neat to compare generational differences of opinion.

We'll also be doing another list for Major League Baseball.

The list we've compiled doesn't necessarily reflect the order as to how we place these players.

But since Obrien is a Boston Celtics fan, and I've covered the Detroit Pistons through the years, it's nice that we can rekindle the rivalry that was so strong in the 1980's during the Bad Boys Era.

The Bold Names is where we differ.

I welcome you readers to submit your lists.

Here is Our Top 25.


1. Magic Johnson
2. Larry Bird
3. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
4. Michael Jordan
5. Bill Russell
6. Wilt Chamberlain
7. LeBron James
8. Hakeem Olajuwon
9. Patrick Ewing
10. Julius Erving
11. Jerry West
12. John Havlicek
13. Tim Duncan
14. Dennis Rodman
15. David Robinson
16. Kobe Bryant
17. Karl Malone
18. Rick Barry (Photo With Me)
19. Elgin Baylor
20. Bob Cousy
21. Dirk Nowitzki
22. James Worthy
23. Oscar Robertson
24. Isiah Thomas (Photo With Me)
25. Charles Barkley


1. Larry Bird
2. Magic Johnson
3. Michael Jordan
4. Tim Duncan
5. Oscar Robertson
6. Kareem Abdul Jabbar
7. Wilt Chamberlain
8. Bill Russell
9. LeBron James
10. Kobe Bryant
11. Karl Malone
12. John Stockton
13. Isiah Thomas
14. Charles Barkley
15. Hakeem Olajuwon
16. Clyde Drexler
17. Bob Cousy
18. David Robinson
19. Julius Erving
20. Jerry West
21. Elgin Baylor
22. John Havlicek
23. Shaquille O' Neal
24. Dirk Nowitzki

25. Kevin Durant

One of the major factors that I use when I put a player on this list is whether they win a championship.

There are some players that never won a title because of the dominance of a superstar and running into a team that was in the midst of a dynasty.

But I will say this about Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Not only did they win championships, but the NBA Finals were played on Tape Delay in the late 1970's and the league was broke.

When Johnson and Bird made the jump to the NBA, they put the league on the Map and that paved the way for the players that followed them.

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