Saturday, December 31, 2022

The Power of an Adrenaline Rush!


There are two things that I can say about the year, 2022.

First, on December 29, 2022, I finally hit 60 years old. 

All year long, I’ve faced numerous medical challenges but somehow found a way to get through this year.

Second, 2022 would be the year of the Adrenaline Rush!

During the Fall, I fulfilled a lifetime goal and that was to drive around a NASCAR sanctioned Speedway, by traveling at a top speed of 147.54 MPH at Homestead-Miami Speedway. There is nothing more gratifying that driving at a high speed on an oval doing just left turns. 

I hope one day, I’ll be able to do this again.

On My Birthday, it was time to experience Go-Cart Racing at Accelerate Indoor Speedway in Milwaukee, WI with three other family members. This was totally different then the NASCAR Experience because the carts were low to the ground and my top lap was 33 MPH.

We ran two different races on a road course and I was getting banged into especially going into the corners around sharp turns.

I was intrigued by this experience but when we were done racing, the NASCAR Driving Experience was far better.

During my 44 years on the road, I’ve driven over four million miles and have taken lots of cross country trips in all kinds of weather conditions, with a lot of nighttime driving. I enjoy driving at night because there is a lot less traffic, plus I tend to go faster in some states.

This recent trip from Deerfield Beach, FL to Racine, WI saw my wife travel 25 hours driving in snow storm conditions, forcing me to drive slower and decided it was safer to get passed then get in an accident.

How do you define an Adrenaline Rush?

For me, it’s driving higher speeds and treating an interstate like a racetrack treating it like one long straightaway. What I’ve learned through the years is you better know the states and not get caught up in a speed trap. My dad always taught me to keep up with traffic.

After my phenomenal time in Homestead-Miami Speedway, I look forward to see what track I’ll race at. But as for Go-Cart Racing, I have no plans to do this again because since I’m taller, it’s difficult for me to get into a lower vehicle as well as get out of it.

But now that I’ve compared and contrasted NASCAR and Go-Cart Racing, I encourage you to try both and send me your thoughts. Regardless of what you choose, I’m always looking for the Adrenaline Rush and I’m looking forward to the next one that I find.

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