Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Power Of Meditation


If there is ever a person that believes in “The Power Of Meditation” it’s me.

One of my biggest passions is listening to music and taking long drives. 

Living in Florida is the ideal spot for me. 

I have the ability to take long drives up the ocean in South Florida whether it’s driving towards South Miami Beach or going as far north of Fort Pierce. 

There are times I like going around Lake Okeechobee seeing what views I can see since it’s surrounded by walls that prevent flooding during a hurricane or going to restaurants.

Since I don’t like flying, but will when I have to, I enjoy taking long drives to travel around the country. Whether it’s taking a ride to see family in Nashville, TN, Milwaukee, WI, or to My hometown of Detroit, MI.

My wife Candy gave me the nickname “Crazy Man” because I enjoy driving in the middle of the night as I get stronger to get to places. While there are times I miss some scenery in the middle of the night, what I don’t miss is extensive traffic. 

My late mother-in-law was worried about me when I did this but she acclimated to it as I made it look easy.

But there has been one constant through the years. 

I’ve been writing for 41 years. Covering sports has been great as I’ve met lots of people not only as a writer but a broadcaster.

During COVID-19, not only have I enjoyed the challenge of building the South Florida Tribune and the broadcasting side from scratch, I’m having a blast watching it develop.

Now, it’s time to get spend time with an old friend. 

That’s being a writer!

But this one will have more friends. 

I’m not limiting myself to sports anymore. I plan on telling more life stories both past and present. 

It’s time to talk about other subjects as I prepare for the big prize and writing a book which is on my bucket list.

Unless you’re out covering events, you don’t have to pay for gas or use miles on your vehicle to write. 

Being able to meditate can only lead to therapeutic relaxation. 

During these unprecedented times, we need to release our tensions a minimize the stress.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop driving because that’s been a part of me that I’ll always enjoy doing. 

One of my favorite drives of all time was taking the breathtaking Pacific Coast Drive from San Francisco to San Diego when I turned 30. It must have taken me about 15 hours, but with the scenery of looking at the mountains and ocean, I didn’t care. I would rent vehicles that had cassette players and listened to tapes and listen to radio or just have a quiet drive and embrace the scenery.

During a family Zoom Call, My brother-in-law Steve Ebling once asked me if I ever thought about being a truck driver. I told him, if there were do overs, I would go after My Commerical Drivers License.

But at 57-years old, I’m not physically able to do that anymore on a consistent basis. Any type of driving job with COVID-19 would be risky and that’s not a chance I would take. It’s also important to keep watch the expenses and wear and tear on a vehicle.

The moral of the story is “The Power Of Meditation” is important. My ways of doing it are through writing and driving.

But if you can find it through dancing, yoga, etc... more power to you.

Regardless of the times, it will always be therapeutic and that piece of mind is priceless!

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