Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Minnesota VS Dallas


When the Minnesota Vikings host the Dallas Cowboys Sunday at 1 PM at the Metrodome, there will be more pressure on future Hall of Fame Quarterback Brett Favre than he realizes.

It's one thing that Favre signed a two-year $25 Million contract on August 18, 2009 with expectations that he'd be the missing link to win a Super Bowl. With running back Adrian Peterson and rookie wide receiver Percy Harvin as his play makers, Minnesota compiled a 12-4 record to earn a division title enabling them to host a playoff game.

The FOX announcers will tell you that Favre is 0-3 lifetime against the Cowboys in the playoffs.

But I wonder whether FOX's announcers will go deep into the past and realize that the history between these two franchises goes as deep as another missing link which will always connect these organizations.

On October 12, 1989, former Vikings General Manager Mike Lynn made "The Trade" which involved 18 players and or draft picks.

The Vikings obtained running back Herschel Walker from the Cowboys along with four draft picks.

Meanwhile, Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson committed the greatest steal in NFL History which would lead to three Dallas Super Bowl titles in 1992, 1993 and 1995.

The Cowboys would get six of Minnesota's picks, two of which would be used to draft running back Emmitt Smith and Darren Woodson. The Cowboys dealt the Vikings first round pick in the 1990 draft which was No. 21 along with their 81st selection to the Pittsburgh Steelers for the No. 17 pick and drafted Smith.

Johnson used the other draft picks to make trades with other teams around the NFL. There were a total of 13 players involved on the Dallas side of the deal.

In 1990, the Cowboys chose Alexander Wright in the second round.

In 1991, Dallas used its second round selection to draft Dixon Edwards. Their top selection in 1991 was Alvin Harper.

Other key players for Dallas in this trade included linebackers Jesse Soloman, David Howard, cornerback Issiac Holt and defensive end Alex Stewart.

It seems far fetched to think the NFL's all-time leading rusher could have been the property of the organization which owns the most Super Bowl championships with six. What do Steelers fans think of this trade? Perhaps not as bad because they've had a lot of success. But Smith in the same media guide as Franco Harris and Terry Bradshaw, etc. would have enhanced a rich history.

But as if the Vikings have had to live with the frustration of losing four Super Bowls, Walker wouldn't be the missing link to get them one.

To add insult to injury, the Minnesota/Dallas connection goes beyond the football field.

The Minnesota North Stars made the Twin Cities their home from 1967-1993 and moved to Dallas in 1994 to become the Dallas Stars. Five years later, the Stars won their only Stanley Cup Championship in 1999.

Dallas has won four championships at the expense of Minnesota franchises. Three in the NFL and one in the NHL.

Do you think there is a lot of added pressure for Minnesota to want to defeat Dallas when it counts? I'd say so.

The last thing Vikings fans want to think about is that they traded Smith for Walker and while a win Sunday won't change the fact that they did, it should ease the pain a little as they hope to reach their goal to play in the Super Bowl a few weeks from now in Miami.

But a loss to Dallas at home would only create more nightmares for Minnesota and while the Boston Red Sox trade of Babe Ruth to the rival New York Yankees creating the "Curse of the Bambino" doesn't match up to what's transpired between Minnesota & Dallas, it's certainly worth discussing as a legitimate comparison.

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