Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Estúpido NBA Lockout


Are you ready for some Professional Basketball?

If you are, too bad because you won't get any for awhile.

According to all of my sources, it looks like we may have a season without NBA Basketball. The majority of the teams are losing a lot of money and NBA Commissioner David Stern seems intent to take a page out of his buddy NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman's book and shut his business down for a year.

That move will likely cause the NBA Players Association to dissolve it's union and we might see some players go bankrupt. There will be some that play overseas and enjoy Europe plus collect a paycheck. Others could get hurt and then their contracts might get voided.

But that's a chance they'll have to take so the players can stay mentally sound due to not being able to play basketball. Plus they can stay in basketball shape and use these teams' trainers. Inactivity could be one's worst enemy.

Don't I know. For the past so many years, aside from working with my writing, my primary occupation Sales & Marketing in South Florida has been difficult for me in many ways. If players are worried about their compensation in the NBA, let them go on numerous dead end interviews as I have and be lied to time and time about inaccurate pay plans.

When My time ends in South Florida in the future, this area will always be remembered for the scams, cons and a reputation known as the "Call Center Capital Of The World."

Honest people are a rare breed. The liars should be sent to the Atlantic Ocean and be fed to the sharks.

So for all of these NBA players that complain about six and seven figure salaries, fellas it can be worse!

While you're not operating, the sports fan will have college football, basketball and hockey will take some of your audience. Nobody pays attention to your sport until after the NFL Season. It looks like the NFL Lockout is just a matter of days before its resolved. I've never taken the NFL Lockout seriously because thus far, no games have been lost. The owners and players know what's at stake and there is a sense of urgency to get a deal done.

Any NBA work stoppage means that if it does last an entire season, this years rookies and next years draft class will have an interesting battle as to who wins Rookie of the Year. Perhaps by the end of the lockout, the Minnesota Timberwolves and Detroit Pistons will have head coaches. Although my sources say that Mike Woodson is the front runner for the Pistons job.

In the meantime, all that figures to happen is the media and fans will have plenty to talk about and the players will get no sympathy considering the "State Of The Economy." The longer this insane Soap Opera goes on, the longer it will be to regain your fan base. I'll say the recovery will take at least 10 years.

On the bright side, the Dallas Mavericks will be able to hold onto their title for an extra year, while it will be that much longer before the "NBA Christmas Grinch" LeBron James gets another chance to flounder in the clutch and be title-less.

For now, it's time to pay attention to the baseball pennant races and as fast as this year is flying, it won't be long before we're watching the World Series. Of course there is football and I'll be paying close attention to seeing how quickly Brady Hoke turns around the Michigan Wolverines, how far the Ohio State Buckeyes fall and I'm looking forward to working in FAU's New Football Stadium.

If I need some good material, don't worry NBA, I'll slip in a hard-nosed blog here and there so that I can laugh at you because you haven't learned that these prolonged work stoppages are a Lose-Lose-Situation for everybody. They are estúpido (stupid).

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