Friday, January 3, 2020

East Meets West


Throughout my 41 years in Sports Media, I've been fortunate to be a member of some great organizations.

The first organization I got involved in was Detroit Sports Media (formerly the Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association (DSBA).

During the past 12 months, I've broadened my platforms to the following organizations:

*American Sportscasters Association (ASA), based out of New York City, NY.
*National Sports Media Association (NSMA) whose headquarters are in Winston Salem, NC.
*Southern California Sports Broadcasters (SCSB) which is in Los Angeles, CA.

If there was an organization in Florida, you can rest assure I'd be a part of it because these are great avenues to network and possibly get jobs, get involved in local events, attend a once a year party, awards banquet, and possibly line up guests for my shows.

I'm convinced that there is no better way to meet professionals than on LinkedIn.

On December 21, 2018, I connected with Chris Roberts, the "Voice of UCLA" who worked with the university for 23 years from 1992-2016.

During the past year as I've gotten to know Roberts, we refer to one another as "Broadcast Brothers."

He's always provided great advice for me in this industry and has been a guest on the Sports Exchange when I've needed him. I enjoy the interaction we have on the air as we promote Southern California Sports on the East Coast.

In February of 2016, Roberts became the President of SCSB.

This organization was formed in 1958.

Vin Scully is the only living original member of SCSB.

Roberts is the reason I joined SCSB.

I've always had a philosophy to meet the guests that I network with and bring on my show.

On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, the meeting with Roberts will take place as I'll be attending the 2020 SCSB Awards Luncheon at the Lakeside Golf Club in Burbank, CA.

The event begins with Cocktail's at 10:15-11:30 am. The Award Luncheon begins at 11:30 and lasts until 2 pm.

The 2020 Hall of Fame Class will have two members in Matt Stevens and Bill Macdonald.

Stevens is a radio analyst for UCLA Football while Macdonald is the television play by play commentator for the Lakers.

The Vin Scully Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Ralph Lawler while the President's Award goes to Vic "The Brick" Jacobs.

Jacobs works with a Radio Anchor Team that also consists of Dan Beyer, Deb Carson, Isaac Lowenkron, David Glascon, Steve DeSaegher and Ralph Irvin.

Lawler does television play by play for the Los Angeles Clippers.

In my next story, I'll announce the winners of the other awards.

When Roberts and I did a preview of the event Thursday Night on The Sports Exchange, we did go over the ballot.

A few names that caught my attention were Michigander Joe Davis, who does play by play for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Former Detroit Lions QB Rodney Peete, who played his college ball at USC, has a radio show with longtime LA Broadcaster Fred Roggin.

Former Detroit Piston Stu Lantz is a television game/studio analyst for the Lakers.

Another Lion Nate Burleson does pre-season football for the LA Rams.

Former ESPN broadcaster Charley Steiner used to announce Boxing for the world wide leader, He would eventually call games for the New York Yankees then traded the subway for the freeways in LA to work for the Dodgers.

Another interesting name is former Detroit Piston for a day Robert Horry.

Horry was traded by the Houston Rockets to Detroit, but the trade became voided when Dennis Rodman failed to pass a physical. Horry works as a television game/studio analyst for the Lakers.

Former Detroit Tigers play by play announcer Josh Lewin is calling Roberts former sports with his former employer UCLA. He does Bruins Football and Basketball.

When I attended the Olympic Games in LA in 1984, Jim Hill was an anchor. He still is and I voted for him.

This is just the sampling of who could win awards. As I mentioned before, I'll mention the winners next week.

One thing is for certain. Whether Scully is in attendance remains to be seen. There will be two segments of him congratulating the winners.

Roberts told me that I'm the first media member to be a part of SCSB. I certainly hope that continues.

There are 100 members in the SCSB and it costs $40 to join. It's a membership that is open to the public and the SCSB is involved in the community.

As I get ready to take this cross-country trip, my objectives are quite clear.

My goal is to get some great photos, line-up future guests and hand out business cards in order to give exposure the South Florida Tribune and it's Broadcasting Network.

I also have some good friends in the area.

If I get the itch, there is also the beautiful drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. I call it Meditation 101!

One interesting fact is The LA Metro Area is the No.2 Media Market in the country. It's also the Entertainment Capital of the World.

There will be some sight-seeing as well, as I can only hope that should I be able attend this event in 2021, My Wife Candy will come to Southern California for the first time.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at and is the Owner of The South Florida Tribune and Broadcasting Network.

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