Monday, September 5, 2022

Back Home Again With The Miami Hurricanes


Before I went to Cooperstown on Tuesday Night, August 2nd, I had the most overwhelming schedule before we made the 23 hour trek to New York.

It began in Coral Gables at the Miami Hurricanes indoor facility, where Media day took place.

Then I had two broadcasts of my own in the evening and was packing during the day before leaving home at 12:30 AM.

In a sense, this was very nostalgic for me. 

The last time that I went to the University of Miami campus was in 1983 when Howard Schnellenberger was the coach.

To say the campus has changed would be mildly stating the obvious. 

Since I began the South Florida Tribune in 2018, I had a lot of priorities about the teams that were going to get the most coverage. A few that standout are the FAU Owls, Miami Marlins and Inter-Miami in the MLS. 

I also covered Jacksonville Jaguars contests, plus got on the Media Distribution List for the Miami Dolphins.

When Schnellenberger passed away a year ago, FAU held a celebration for the iconic coach that I covered for the Tribune and Palm Beach Post. 

There were a lot of former Hurricanes players including National Championship winning QB Bernie Kosar. 

I felt like I was back in the 1980’s reminiscing with these players.

After going to this event, my motor was racing and I found out who is the Hurricanes head of Communication, Camron Ghorbi, and then I got the process started.

The Tribune proceeded to get on the Media Distribution List and then we attended the Hurricanes Spring Game in Fort Lauderdale.

From that point on, I felt like I was back home again with the first major college football team that I covered in the early 1980’s.

We accomplished a little bit from the Spring Game and my main objective was to learn things about the team.

Our real impact was on Media Day and to say that I accomplished a lot would be a major understatement!

In this story, we’re including seven videos that we encourage you to watch on the South Florida Tribune You Tube Channel.

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Here are the following videos:

*Offensive Coordinator, Josh Gattis.

*Head Coach Mario Cristobal.

We included players Will Mallory, Jacob Lichtenstein, Jordan Miller, John Campbell Jr and Kahlil Brantley.

If you’re looking for what to expect from this team, these videos will easily get the job done.

The one thing that stood out about the Cristobal Press Conference was he told a reporter that I told a reporter that what I have to say “might not get you many clicks,” but I’m here to answer your question.

When a coach answers a question in this manner, that’s impressive!

But Cristobal has been a winner everywhere. He had success at FIU and Oregon plus worked under Nick Saban at Alabama. 

When the Hurricanes added Cristobal from Oregon to turn the Hurricanes program around, this was all about the coach coming home and working at a place where he served as an assistant coach. 

There is no doubt that he can recruit South Florida and did it effectively as the head coach at FIU from 2007-2012.

His overall record as a head coach is 63-60 and is 3-3 in Bowl Games.

With Cristobal returning home and myself covering the team again, this is a great homecoming for both of us!

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