Thursday, February 29, 2024

The Largest Streaming Deals


The streaming industry continues to take some interesting twists and turns and it’s hard to believe that as we put February to bed, what lies ahead for the rest of 2024?

During the NFL Playoffs, The Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium was streamed and not shown on national television. We were actually fortunate that living in Broward County, Florida that the game was seen on local television.

During the past year, the PAC-12 attempted to negotiate a streaming package with Apple-TV but none of that came to fruition and 10 schools decided to leave, therefore leaving the league down to two schools with Washington State and Oregon State. Whether the conference is able to rebuild in the next two seasons or be dissolved remains to be seen.

On the February 28, 2024 edition of the Sports Exchange, My crew consisting of Myself, George Eichorn, JB Ellis and Jacob Christner talked about the latest developments in streaming.

As I begin work on “Lessons From The Microphone” part two, hoping to release it by the end of 2024, this very subject in this story will make it between the front and back covers.

As the year unfolds, I’m sure this is a subject that I’ll be updating since this is a topic that is fluid.

On Wednesday’s show, we broke down numbers with Prime Video, MLS Season Pass, You Tube TV and Netflix. 

I’ll mention the numbers here but if you want to hear our viewpoints, then I encourage you to watch the video included in this story. Each of my panelists has an excellent perspective that they bring to the table that will keep your wheels turning.

*Prime Video’s Thursday Night Football Package is $1.2 Billion Annually.

*MLS Season Pass is paying $250 Million Annually.

*YouTube TV’s Sunday NFL Ticket is paying $2 Billion Annually.

*NetFlix WWE Raw is paying $500 Million Annually.

These numbers are all over the map pertaining to the sports that we’re talking about but they’re extremely interesting as we find out more updates about future contracts with other sports.

That’s why this is something that I’ll be monitoring all year long.

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