Friday, November 19, 2021

Blind Broadcaster, Bryce Weiler’s Story


One of the things I like about owning an online publication is it’s great to add the Podcast/Broadcast Division to compliment the written material. 

I’m finding out that having audio and visual aspects separates us from a lot of the newspapers by offering more to our followers. 

Nowadays, the attention span of individuals varies immensely. 

Whether they’re at home or driving to work, they can read, watch and listen to podcasts. 

I get lots of request from individuals who want to share their stories but I am very selective of those that I want to proceed with. 

It’s difficult to turn people down and I can’t cover every event in person.

We do provide a platform for business to invest money into airtime and build their online profile which enhances their credibility that in turn improves their SEO Rating on Google. 

Everyone has an opportunity to become a columnist provided that the story is clean and stays away from politics or religion.

But as we work towards providing a balance between sports and non sports content, this is what is making our platform grow.

On October 5, 2021, a Facebook Friend, Bryce Weiler contacted me and told me he was a disability consultant for the Baltimore Orioles. He also told me that he’s blind and has done broadcasting for numerous organizations. 

He’s been a color analyst for 150 games.

Once I evaluated his information, I felt this would be a very inspiring broadcast. 

As we approach Thanksgiving, this is a time when these stories become more magnified and even have more meaning.

On November 17, 2021, this simulcast show became a reality. 

It took 24:11 to complete and we hope you enjoy the audio and visual component.

Weiler listed some of the most prominent places he worked.

1. University of Evansville, Athletics.

2. New Britain Bees, Minor League Baseball, Atlantic League.

3. Akron Rubber Ducks, AA Cleveland Guardians.

4. Evansville Otters, Frontier League (Independent Minor League Baseball).

5. Western Illinois Sports.

6. University of Texas San Antonio, Men’s Basketball as a Color Commentator.

Bryce has a lot of great stories during the show and demonstrated to me that despite having a disability, and working as a disability consultant, this is a reminder to all of us that no matter how tough life can get, there are other individuals that also have to work harder to overcome their adversities.

Here at the South Florida Tribune, we are content hunters!

One of my early mentors, Andy Liscano taught me to always be different when we worked together in South Florida in the 1980’s.

Who knows if Andy will ever see this post or video. In December, I’ll turn 59 and his message has resonated loud and clear through 40 years in the Media!

On November 28, 2020, My mother passed away. 

One of the big lessons she taught me was to be open-minded.

Shila Morganroth and Andy Liscano truly will always be appreciated because of their amazing words of wisdom.

I hope you check out the South Florida Tribune and take a peak of what shows we have and in 2021 as I make the bold decision to scale back sports reporting to search for other human interest stories, that you’re going to see in 2022.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to search for these incredible human interest stories so we can find more Bryce Weiler’s.

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