Sunday, December 5, 2021

Motor City Mad Mouth Meets Mr. Comedy


The Motor City Mad Mouth returned to his radio roots on Saturday, December 4, 2021 as he made an appearance on the Steve Eskow Show from 11-Noon. The show was simulcast on 98.3, ESPACE FM and on Facebook: Steve Eskow.

Inside the West Palm Beach, FL., Studio, he wore a Michigan Wolverines hoody and baseball cap reminding folks that the Maize ‘N Blue were playing the Iowa Hawkeyes for the Big Ten Championship. The Wolverines did thrash the Hawkeyes 42-3 earning their first trip to the College Football Playoffs.

In addition to Eskow, Donna Borriello and Lindanna Morgana sat alongside of “The Motor City Mad Mouth.”

But how did the guest appearance originate?

Eskow has another business where he sells placemat ads and those appear at restaurants across South Florida.

I spotted Eskow’s ad at a Lake Worth, FL.,  business and contacted Steve to see if he was looking for a guest on his show. I introduced myself, told him that I owned The South Florida Tribune and was looking for a win-win situation to cross promote one another’s platform.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant which uses his placemats after a couple of conversations on the phone.

At our meeting, Eskow was wearing a New York Giants jersey. It’s safe to say that I knew where his NFL allegiances were. It didn’t take him long to realize that I was no normal potential guest as my energy was endless and that I’ve been in the Media for 42 years doing on-air and newspaper throughout my career.

What made the timing of yesterday’s broadcast so significant was next week, I’ll be in Winston Salem, NC for the National Sports Media Association’s Awards Presentations.

During the course of the broadcast, I made it clear to Eskow and his audience that my roots are in Terrestrial Radio but that I’ve acclimated to Internet Radio as well as the newest kid on the block, Podcasting. 

The listeners found out that the South Florida Tribune is a Digital Platform that not only does it have Written Content but there is a strong focus on Videos and Podcasts to make it a versatile entertainment website. 

I mentioned on the air that our clients gain valuable Google Exposure and this enhances their Credibility on the World Wide Web.

During the course of the broadcast, it was evident that our styles were like night and day. 

The title of this story should automatically give you that indication.

We talked about Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban buying a city in Texas and Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver misleading the NFL with a fake vaccination card. 

I also gave Eskow my baseball home run call which included his name in it.

He did a great job asking me questions about some of the top people that I’ve worked with in the business such as my Mentor former Detroit Tigers Hall of Fame Broadcaster Ernie Harwell, Muhammad Ali and the late Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda.

Eskow found out quickly that my focus on the air is like none others he’s ever seen. When I become animated, I’ve been know to pound on the desk and my one-liners come out fast and furious.

I enjoyed the numerous references that he made that not only do I talk fast, but I can maintain my train of thought, remain attentive with any question that gets thrown my way and am a good talker.

I quipped that caffeine is my version of PED’s, (Performance Enhancing Drink).

I made references that I talk as fast as cars drive at the Indianapolis 500 and Daytona 500.

You could tell throughout the course of the show, there was a tremendous amount of mutual respect!

During the course of the broadcast, it was neat to see producer Josiah Pierre become entertained while he was doing a dynamite job handling the technical behind the scenes work.

I appreciated the kind words that Eskow said throughout the day that acknowledged I can keep a show going easily with my background and locked in approach.

What I never had the chance to tell Eskow that in another lifetime, I was a co-host of a Terrestrial Radio Show in the 1980’s where we did a sports broadcast from 6-Midnight on Saturday Nights. His one hour show was a walk in the park.

But when the Motor City Mad Mouth matched wits ends with Mr. Comedy, for those that saw the show, the contrast between us was evident. I enjoyed Steve’s stories talking about the entertainment world and the people he’s met. 

Not only did he learn about my sports background but the one thing I had to make sure that I addressed was that because of COVID-19, I’ve been forced to acclimate to a much different change in the industry and leave my sports comfort zone and get into different topics.

I told him that our business approach is changing that I don’t go to as many Sports Events because the main access is via Zoom and as a result seek out other projects which provide direct interviews.

I have to admit that leaving my comfort zone and finding new challenges outside of it has been as much fun as the time being on Eskow’s show.

More importantly, one of the biggest messages I was able to convey was that there are only two things yet I want to accomplish while I’m alive.

First, I want to fulfill my dream and be a play-by-play announcer for a professional baseball team.

Second, I want to write a book that best defines my lifetime in the media with my experiences through the years.

But this appearance wouldn’t have happened if Steve Eskow didn’t have an open mind and talk to me about cross promoting our ventures.

What occurred on Saturday, December 4, 2021 was the ultimate win-win situation!

That’s what life is about and I’m glad that my wife Candy had an opportunity to watch all of this take place because I’m glad that Eskow and the station shared this to the audience in Social Media.

I’m confident that this working relationship with Eskow not only leads to more projects together, but it leads to other opportunities down the line.

But, Act One: The Motor City Mad Mouth Meets Mr. Comedy will leave a long lasting impression for all of those involved both the participants as well as the ones that saw the Steve Eskow show live from West Palm Beach, FL.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at and you can find him on Twitter @TribuneSouth.

You can see his broadcasts by subscribing to South Florida Tribune You Tube Channel for free.

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