Friday, January 26, 2024

Dallas Drama


On last night’s edition of Pundits, Pundit, we had a topic that talked about whether Cowboys QB Dak Prescott deserved a new contract and whether Coach Mike McCarthy should have his extended.

There were mixed feelings from all the crew members that consisted of Myself, Candy Ebling, Denzel Snipes and Jacob Christner. I have to give Christner a lot of credit because during every episode I usually find one topic where I echo the famous words from Fred Sanford (Redd Foxx) of Sanford and Son, are you crazy?

The crew has a lot of fun when I do this and to Christner’s credit, he takes everything in stride.

On last night’s episode we addressed the Cowboys QB situation and I said that Prescott didn’t deserve to get extended. The guy is 2-3 in the playoffs and in 2022, I saw him make some key mistakes in a Cowboys loss late in the season to the Jacksonville Jaguars at TIAA Bank Stadium.

Earlier this season, Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones made a trade with the San Francisco 49’ers to acquire Trey Lance, who was drafted in the first round, third overall in the 2021 Draft out of North Dakota State.

Injuries plagued him during his tenure with the 49’ers.

Ahead of the 2023 Season, Lance was named the third-string backup behind Brock Purdy and free agent acquisition Sam Darnold.

Shortly after adding Darnold, the 49’ers traded Lance to the Cowboys for a fourth-round pick and he was named third-string quarterback. Jones was very transparent that Lance would just hold a clipboard, which I think all young signal callers should do and just learn.

That’s exactly what Lance did and as I pointed out to my crew, how do you pay a starting QB $60 Million for two playoff wins. Jones didn’t become a billionaire by being stupid.

His only real gaffe during his Cowboys Ownership was letting Hall of Fame Coach Jimmy Johnson go after he guided them to a pair of Super Bowl wins and he should have had a third. That Super Bowl was gift wrapped to Barry Switzer.

In a day and age where teams are overpaying QB’s, these signal callers will find it tough to earn this money unless they produce in the post-season. You can’t be in a bad situation with the salary cap and not be able to fill out the rest of your roster.

But I’ll say this, Pundits, Pundit is one our best shows on The South Florida Tribune Broadcasting Network because we tackle a lot of tough topics in and out of the sports world.

It just so happens this Prescott topic will be talked about a lot in the off-season and you never know when Trey Lance will eventually become the starting QB and all the Cowboys had to give up was a fourth round pick for a guy that can be their signal caller of the future.

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