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NGBN-TV’s Mission To Save Lives


I have been involved in a lot of media endeavors through the years, but this latest one intrigues me quite a bit.

My colleague JB Ellis of Sideline Sports got me involved in this one as he met Ian Hill at the National Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Indiana a year ago.

At the age of 58, Hill is trying to beat the long odds of Father Time by attempting to make a comeback in college football despite dealing with a myriad of injuries over the years. Hill has been diligently working out to make this happen and I wish him well in pursuing this aspiration.

But there is a bigger picture here with Hill. 

He’s launching a network on something that’s “never been done before” that involves Men in the age range between 40’s and 60’s. 

Hill is using this platform by providing programming that gives these guys an entertainment outlet to unwind and enjoy the various shows to take their mind off of one of the most underrated diseases on the planet. 

Suicide. Yes, I said suicide. Suicide is a silent killer!

There is no doubt many of us that are having dark moments have considered or attempted this.

I have to admit that in 2000, when I had marital issues with my first wife, she drove me so far off the edge that I overdosed on sleeping pills that I nearly died in a Phoenix, Hospital. 

I’m not going to talk about the medical bills for a one night’s stay. I was 38 when I made this decision. 

There have been other times when I considered it but I looked for another outlet and that was writing as a way to dig in and just vent with my deep feelings and thoughts.

The first time I became aware of suicide was on January 29, 1977 when actor Freddie Prinze Sr., who was an American stand-up comedian and actor, and the star of the NBC-TV sitcom Chico and the Man from 1974 until his death in 1977 took his life.

Prinze suffered from depression, which deepened in the weeks after his wife filed for divorce. Prinze would put a gun to his head and shot himself. A promising career that ended tragically. 

I was 16-years old when he took his life. 

In his honor, I owned a parakeet and named him after Prinze’s character on the sitcom and called him Chico.

In 1988, the ugly “S” word reared its’ ugly head again as my step-grandfather Sidney Jacobs overdosed on sleeping pills at the age of 67. 

Jacobs was frustrated that after he retired, he wanted to travel with my grandmother, but because she didn’t like to go on trips that much, he wasn’t satisfied with working part-time in the home improvement business and being a caretaker for my great grandparents. He didn’t simply want to “exist.”

Suicide was his outlet and there was a history of it in his family.

But Jacobs fell into the age bracket that NGBN-TV is promoting and the target market as I fore mentioned 40’s and 60’s. 

In a recent interview with Hill, I told him his concept was excellent, but I reminded him that it’s important that we think about all ages and genders and he acknowledged that. 

Moreover, I told him that if there are spouses of men between his targeted audience that it’s important to recognize their emotions and what lies ahead.

In my time working with Hill, there is a tremendous connection and respect between the two of us!

He’s 58 and I’m 61. 

I’ve been in the media for 44 years and he’s told me that he’s real happy that I’m a part of this network. I’ve told him that I like what you and the company stand for.

It’s our responsibility to make sure that we provide entertainment that inspires, educates and entertains his audience. We both have a lot of common ground in that area. 

I just sent Hill My Book, “Lessons From The Microphone” because I know that guy will not only read it, he’ll use the information as knowledge to make his platform much stronger, in addition to promoting it as well. He’ll see a part of me that I can’t tell him in a typical phone conversation. 

I mentioned him that if we’re saving lives and making money together, that I’ll be here as long as he wants me. I also told him that I’m open to coaching other younger and aspiring broadcasters.

I want you to notice that I mentioned saving lives first and making money second. 

That’s what this is all about by having a Vision to make a positive impact on Everyone’s Lives!

What the South Florida Tribune is sending to the NGBN TV Network is our signature show the Sports Exchange. 

Take a look at the promo that we have created for you. 

As the Motor City Mad Mouth, I’m passionate of what I do. The primary commentators include, Myself, George Eichorn, JB Ellis and Jacob Christner.

In addition, we produce Pundits, Pundit. The commentators on this show include Myself, George Eichorn, Jacob Christner and Denzel Snipes.

Candy Ebling is behind the scenes producing these shows and everything on the South Florida Tribune Broadcasting Network. She’s also built our website from scratch and self taught herself.

I always joke around with Hill, that it’s my job to make sure we have A+ Content. I’m the last person that you want doing any production technical or any other tasks where my mouth isn’t working overtime. He laughs and says, I get your point and it’s all good.

Now Candy has formed a great working relationship with Jenna Ganje and these two make a dynamite one-two punch.

Also included in this story is an interview that I did with Hill. There is no question that when we go on the air together, there is never a dull moment!

On Monday, January 29, 2024, NGBN-TV had a “Sneek Peak” where Hill, Brian Jodice Ganje interviewed the show owners so we could market our shows and give the audience a preview of what to look for. We had our promotional video during every hour and to no surprise, I was the loudest of them all. 

Who was interviewing me? You guessed it, Hill! He laughed extremely hard when I said the words, “Corn hole Baby!”  

That’s just who I am because I love what I’m doing and that’s the message I want everyone in and out of the company to know.

The Sneak Peak turned out to a successful way to not only market the network but to send a message that we care about saving lives! Also, it wet their appetite about the shows on the network.

It’s easy to back something like this based on what I’ve mentioned in this story.

But there are roads to conquer and as Hill has mentioned this has “never been done before.” 

But for me, through the years, this is familiar territory.

I like building situations from scratch or taking a bad one and turning it around.

Life is one big challenge. Now it’s a matter to take the ups and downs and learn from them to take negatives and turned them into positives.

Scott Morganroth can be reached at His broadcasts are on the South Florida Tribune You Tube Channel and there is no cost to subscribe.

His book “Lessons From The Microphone” can be purchased on Amazon and Kindle.

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