Friday, January 30, 2015

Reader's Responses To National Sports Shorts


It's always great to hear feedback with My Stories.

This situation isn't just a response, but one which this individual took his time to carefully and honestly analyze what he put in writing,

As a result, I've decided to publish what was sent.

Here is a little information about this individual.

The person's name is Gus Pantelides. He's been the Owner/President of a Successful Direct Marketing Company Named Pros Marketing.

Pantelides has dealt with automobile dealers and clients that specialize in working with homeowners.

His office is in Clearwater, FL.

He resides in the Tampa Bay Area and has been an Associate Member of The Detroit Sports Broadcasters Association since 2005. He's from the Metro Detroit Area and has followed those major sports teams, plus is a proud Michigan State Spartans Follower.

Years ago, he won a Tom Selleck Look-Alike-Contest in Clearwater, FL.

Throughout the years, he's been a loyal follower and we've had some Spirited Debates.

Pantelides was very smart when he decided not to comment on the DeFlate Gate Controversy this week at the Super Bowl. Whether he even cared about the subject or omitted it, only he knows.

But here is what he said about the other subjects which were discussed yesterday.

Number 1.  New England blows out Seattle by more than 2 touchdowns!
Number 2.  Johnny Manziel will end up in the CFL or Arena Football League at best.
Number 3.  John Fox will do a good job with the Bears.
Number 4.  Ernie Banks was and always will be one of the best.
Number 5.  Don't follow the NBA enough to comment on Jason Kidd.
Number 6.  The NHL (so called) All Star game was a farce.  The league should be embarrassed to have put on such a terrible exhibition of hockey.  They did themselves no favors in trying to lure fans to the sport with such a game.  A "pond hockey" game would have been more exciting.

I encourage anybody to respond and I will be more than happy to post their opinions as I've done with Gus Pantelides.

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